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a neighbouring farmer in a sentence

1. Despite their hardships, the animals are easily placated by Napoleon's retort that they are better off than they were under Mr. Jones, as well as by the sheep's continual bleating of “four legs good, two legs bad”. Mr. Frederick, a neighbouring farmer, attacks the farm, using blasting powder to blow up the restored windmill.

2. Born on 6 August 1881 at Lochfield farm near Darvel, in Ayrshire, Scotland, Alexander Fleming was the third of four children of farmer Hugh Fleming (1816–1888) and Grace Stirling Morton (1848–1928), the daughter of a neighbouring farmer.

3. When Susie had kittens, two of them were born with folded ears, and one was acquired by William Ross, a neighbouring farmer and cat-fancier.

4. In consequence of this change, young Brown entered the service of a neighbouring farmer, who maintained a more numerous establishment than his former friend.

5. This met with indifferent success, during which time he attempted to sell a bull, only to find that it was in the ownership of a neighbouring farmer.

6. He inherited a farm with an annual income of £80 and then married the daughter of a neighbouring farmer with a dowry of £800.

7. At the age of eight, although two older brothers remained, when a neighbouring farmer offered a wage and all found, Bert was put into service.

8. A car axle linked to a neighbouring farmer, Arthur Allan Thomas, had apparently been used to weigh down Harvey's body and was central to police theories about the case, although it did not justify a prosecution.

9. rain and snow penetrated through the roof into the body of the building, and a neighbouring farmer folded his sheep within the walls of God's house.

10. Her boyfriend Don Mackay (Bruce Gordon) is a neighbouring farmer who is in love with Ruth, but is too bashful to tell her.

11. Cradock, the son of a neighbouring farmer, was also educated at Oxford and was to become curate of St.Mary's Church in Cardiff, where the vicar at the time was William Erbury.

12. Although Morrisson did not know the man, he knew of Wilson, who was a neighbouring farmer of good financial standing.

13. A vegetable garden at the back of the house was well-kept, and Shamraiz, a neighbouring farmer, was paid to plant vegetables about twice a year.

14. Longknowe Farm now specialises in breeding and rearing sheep and suckler cows, while Kilham Farm is leased to a neighbouring farmer at Thornington, and some of the buildings have been converted into workshops.

15. In 1753, Barton married Esther Rittenhouse, the daughter of a neighbouring farmer, and sister of David Rittenhouse, the distinguished mathematician and astronomer, whose close friendship he enjoyed until his death.

16. he was apprenticed by the overseers to a neighbouring farmer, who repeatedly beat him and from whom he was glad to escape by enlistment as a boy in the 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment of Foot, at Colchester, on 17 January 1797.

17. With their own flax crop ruined by rain and poor drainage, Alex and Peter help harvest a neighbouring farmer's crop.

18. While Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) is working on her aunt's farm in Dorset, she meets a neighbouring farmer, Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts).

19. After receiving elementary education at home he entered the University of Edinburgh in 1805, associating with Thomas Pringle, the son of a neighbouring farmer.

20. It is narrated by the last of a long line of West Country farmers who now (in 2004) uns a caravan park on the Isle of Wight with his childhood sweetheart, the daughter of a neighbouring farmer.

21. One tradition, which was still in place at the start of World War II, was that villagers could plant an 80-yard (73-metre) row of potatoes in a neighbouring farmer's field for each labourer the household could provide at the time of harvest.

22. Another was found by a neighbouring farmer in 1826.