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a necessary evil in a sentence

1. That is a necessary evil.

2. In 1839, he had written: "Government is not a necessary evil, as some people claim;

3. The losses at Dieppe were claimed to be a necessary evil.

4. In fundamentalists sects, sex is viewed as a necessary evil for reproduction.

5. For some it is a necessary evil.

6. Gigi accepts this as a necessary evil.

7. "Authority is a necessary evil, and every bit as evil as it is necessary."

8. White Spanish and Cuban criollos saw cabildos as a necessary evil.

9. South Carolinians had earlier tolerated slavery as a necessary evil.

10. He once said that "unions are a necessary evil".

11. A necessary evil is an evil that must be allowed for a greater good to result.

12. For this to be done, the pressure drop is essential and seen as a "necessary evil".

13. However, small ventures of capitalism had to be kept as a necessary evil.

14. Pre-trial detention has been described as a "necessary evil".

15. Essentially, it was no longer seen as a necessary evil but a positive good.

16. Bloom has described abortion as a "moral good" rather than a necessary evil.

17. We are a necessary evil."

18. He sees it as a necessary evil, as something both dirty and beautiful.

19. The care penalty is commonly a necessary evil.

20. Most theorists viewed equal temperament as a compromise or a necessary evil.

21. Cannibalization is a necessary evil in lot of cases.

22. In Korean society, prostitution is viewed as a "necessary evil".

23. Jemsek was a believer in walking, and described power carts as "a necessary evil."

24. Shooting jet pilots in their parachutes was justified by some as a necessary evil.

25. In other words, corruption is seen as a necessary evil to get things done.

26. In Common Sense, Thomas Paine described government as at best a "necessary evil".

27. Joy was considered as a necessary evil for the player;

28. Learn to see sleep as a pleasure, not a necessary evil or a luxury.

29. Computer is bossy (a necessary evil).

30. He abhors the idea but he considers it a necessary evil.