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1 The festival Hyacinthia was a national celebration of Sparta, which commemorated the death and rebirth of Hyacinthus.
2 London once more holds an official public St Patrick's Day celebration, which although having been cancelled in the 1970s because of Irish Republican violence, is now a national celebration, with over 60 percent of the population regularly celebrating the day regardless of their ethnic origins.
3 Music events held in Tasmania include the Falls Festival at Marion Bay (a Victorian event now held in both Victoria and Tasmania on New Year's Eve), the Festival of Voices, a national celebration of song held each year in Hobart attracting international and national teachers and choirs in the heart of Winter, MS Fest is a charity music event held in Launceston, to raise money for those with multiple sclerosis.
4 In France, amidst alarm at the low birth rate, there were attempts in 1896 and 1904 to create a national celebration honoring the mothers of large families.
5 Mannerheim's 75th birthday, 4 June 1942, was a national celebration.
6 His 100th birthday in 1979 was a national celebration that included a gala concert at the Royal Festival Hall which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II. On the day of his 100th birthday he was a guest on the BBC's radio programme Desert Island Discs.
7 It was also during that same Grey Cup festival that Calgary fans brought pageantry to the game and made it into a national celebration, featuring pancake breakfasts on the steps of City Hall, starting the Grey Cup parade and even riding a horse in the lobby of the Royal York Hotel.
8 A National Celebration, a concert film of the Tragically Hip's final concert, was released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 8, 2017.
9 At Koninginnedag (Queensday) there is a national celebration of the birthday of the Queen (actually, it is the birthday of the mother of the queen).
10 1894 brought a national celebration of Joan of Arc.
11 Strickland worked up an ANZAC day annual memorial, which proved very popular – but which Strickland claimed was a national celebration.
12 The lyrics are spoken and sung by the actor John Le Mesurier on the album What Is Going to Become of Us All?. In 2004 the song was sung by David Mitchell to Olivia Colman in an episode of the Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show entitled 'Dance Class'. On 10 July 2005 there was a national celebration of the 60th anniversary of the ending of World War II when the song was sung live to millions by Petula Clark in central London to an audience of veterans and politicians as part of the programme V45 Britain At War: A Nation Remembers.