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a mosque in a sentence

1. There's a mosque.

2. Janesville has a mosque.

3. The village had a mosque.

4. A mosque in Ngamiani.

5. A mosque in Mashhad.

6. a mosque in Tabriz.

7. There is also a mosque.

8. A mosque in Maradi.

9. A mosque in Kuala Penyu.

10. Remains of a Mosque.

11. A mosque was built in 1910.

12. There is a mosque also.

13. A mosque in Midyat.

14. The academy has a Mosque.

15. A mosque in Kong, 1892.

16. The town has a mosque also.

17. Ahfara also has a mosque.

18. The village had a mosque.

19. Mustafa Paşa Mosque.

20. Mustafa Paşa Mosque.

21. A mosque in Ürümqi.

22. It is now used as a mosque.

23. It had a mosque.

24. There is a mosque.

25. Pertev Paşa Mosque.

26. There is also a mosque.

27. It has a mosque.

28. a mosque for the prayer.

29. The town also has a mosque.

30. It has a mosque with it.