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a missing link in a sentence

1. He was billed as a missing link, supposedly caught in Africa and displayed in a cage.

2. He writes: "In the wake of another Balkan War, its significance is that of a missing link.

3. The idea of a "missing link" between humans and so-called "lower" animals remains lodged in the public imagination.

4. The magazine claimed that the fossil was a "missing link" between birds and terrestrial theropod dinosaurs.

5. Sloan described it as a missing link that helped elucidate the connection between dinosaurs and birds.

6. Exclaim! gave a positive review, calling the album a "missing link between the Clash and Bob Dylan".

7. The complementary method focuses on the prospect of a missing link.

8. The player who led after the second chain got to play a Missing Link for $300.

9. The OBERIU was seen as something of a missing link from the old Russian avant-garde to the new one.

10. The end result (which was rejected) was described as looking like a missing link.

11. Surviving cars "look like the 'early man' version of a CUV, sort of a missing link of the car world."

12. He initially wanted Lisa to find a "missing link" skeleton, and do an episode reminiscent of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

13. And to this end ʻAbdu'l-Bahá suggested that a missing link between human and apes would not be found.

14. The idea of a missing link per se was abandoned by science in favor of the idea of evolutionary transitions.

15. Before completion of the I-494 freeway in 1985, I-494 had a missing link during the previous twenty years.

16. That is a missing link in his life that people do not know.

17. He hopes it is a missing link in human evolution.

18. In other words, there is a missing link between physics and neuroscience.

19. Their style is a kind of a "missing link" between Metal and NDH.

20. Horusornis may have been a "missing link" uniting falcons, hawks, and the secretarybird.

21. Previously identified as a "missing link", this section was opened in October 2013, and may be prone to flooding.

22. The federal government as part of the Interstate Highway System began to plan for a missing link of Interstate 35E.

23. Mulder meets with the Shooter again, who tells him that Gibson is a missing link.

24. Horneophyton is an extinct early plant which may form a "missing link" between the hornworts and the Rhyniopsida.

25. If this is the case then in these we have the fragmentary residua of a missing link in the tradition of poetics.

26. This may be looked upon as a missing link in terms of mid-tarsal joint function.

27. Media sources inaccurately dubbed the fossil as a "missing link" between lemurs and humans.

28. This used to be interpreted as a true segmentation, which suggested a "missing link" between mollusks and annelids.

29. In a sense they forge a missing link between these two great periods of twentieth-century American painting.

30. Stating that the album "Deep Fakes feels like a missing link between a certain 1990s tendency and the present."