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a microhylid frog in a sentence

1. The smallest amphibian (and vertebrate) in the world is a microhylid frog from New Guinea (Paedophryne amauensis) first discovered in 2012.

2. A recently discovered species includes a microhylid frog Microhyla sholigari, named after the Soligas, an indigenous tribe that inhabit these hills.

3. The scanty frog (Cophixalus exiguus), also known as the dainty nursery frog, is a Microhylid frog found in a restricted area of rainforest in north-east Queensland.

4. Microhyla fissipes (commonly known as the ornate chorus frog) is a microhylid frog from East and Southeast Asia, from southern and central China and Taiwan to the Malay Peninsula.

5. In 1984, he was honored by the naming of "Zweifel's frog" (Lithobates zweifeli ), found in Mexico, and in 1998 a microhylid frog Cophixalus zweifeli was named after him.