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a metamorphosis in a sentence

1. those who undergo a metamorphosis and, wanting to leave, follow the light;

2. It's a metamorphosis to equal any in screen history."

3. By entering this stage, the person shows willingness to undergo a metamorphosis.

4. "My body seemed to be going through a metamorphosis," she recalled.

5. The term sea change is therefore often used to mean a metamorphosis or alteration.

6. The insect then begins a metamorphosis into the Gigashadow.

7. A small number of Lava Men have undergone a metamorphosis, giving them golden skins.

8. These larvae undergo a metamorphosis after 5 to 6 years to become adult lampreys.

9. Then it undergoes a metamorphosis into a slug.

10. The costumes of the performance were selected to show a metamorphosis.

11. The costumes of the first segment were selected to show a metamorphosis.

12. The station area has undergone a metamorphosis since 2000.

13. Additionally, amphibians that undergo a metamorphosis develop bicuspid shaped teeth.

14. Then veliger then undergoes a metamorphosis into a slug.

15. some undergo a metamorphosis;

16. some undergo a metamorphosis;

17. Brian feels himself undergoing a metamorphosis as he shoots Major Gavin.

18. from library to learning commons: a metamorphosis.

19. In addition, the sports fields underwent a metamorphosis.

20. Involvement in the Resistance marked a metamorphosis in Le Breton's life.

21. A metamorphosis then happens.

22. These values have undergone a metamorphosis since the 1930s.

23. A metamorphosis is a distinct change of body shape.

24. it's a metamorphosis".

25. The larva is then ready to enter the cocoon where a metamorphosis takes place.

26. His most recent opera, A Metamorphosis, was premiered by the COC in 2018.

27. You've got to be like a butterfly and have a metamorphosis.

28. Web advertising is in the midst of a metamorphosis.

29. Growth is a metamorphosis, lost the old, because again the new, this is fair.

30. Undergoing a metamorphosis that lacks a pupal stage. Used of certain insects.