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a lover in a sentence

1. A LOVER in your arms!

2. Warner was a lover of nature.

3. Dally Has a Lover (1962).

4. Muschamp was a lover of cities.

5. He was a lover of freedom;

6. Herr Gruner was a lover of art.

7. a lover, & keep you on &

8. Blumkin was a lover of poetry.

9. It's like parting from a lover.

10. Miller was a lover of opera.

11. Markey was also a lover of dogs.

12. The Loan of a Lover;

13. He has a lover, Madame du Barry.

14. she had run away with a lover.

15. by night, like seeing a lover."

16. Kinsey has a lover, too.

17. However Leanne has a lover.

18. ... He was a lover of Texas."

19. Zincke was a lover of travel.

20. A lover of humanity.

21. By a Lover of Unity.

22. "I'm a lover, not a fighter.

23. A lover of the poor;

24. He was a lover of perfumes.

25. "I'm a lover, not a fighter.

26. Okeke is a lover of luxury cars

27. Peter got a lover named Milena.

28. He also has a lover, Prema.

29. "I am just a lover of music.

30. A lover to be rescued.