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a lesser degree in a sentence

1. But even biological intelligence is affected to a lesser degree.

2. Neopagan movements are also present to a lesser degree elsewhere;

3. To a lesser degree, the Figaro plays are semi-autobiographical.

4. Hybrids generally have these traits to a lesser degree.

5. General Motors, to a lesser degree, followed.

6. This experimentation can be heard to a lesser degree on Superunknown.

7. About a dozen others participated to a lesser degree.

8. SST changes diurnally, like the air above it, but to a lesser degree.

9. and, to a lesser degree, the vertical curvature of the tracks.

10. The emphasis is on Lennon and, to a lesser degree, Harrison.

11. Restoration continues today to a lesser degree.

12. Many other sports are also played and followed to a lesser degree.

13. Birds and amphibians to a lesser degree are also consumed.

14. To a lesser degree, cases for home consoles also exist.

15. To a lesser degree, they will capture small arthropods.

16. To a lesser degree, they will capture small arthropods.

17. His endurance is also heightened albeit to a lesser degree.

18. Congregation can still occur, but to a lesser degree.

19. They also attack blue spruce to a lesser degree.

20. Female show similar results, but to a lesser degree.

21. and, to a lesser degree, Patrick —

22. Hagere Mariam was also affected by the flooding to a lesser degree.

23. The anal fins also show extension into filaments to a lesser degree.

24. however, it was of a lesser degree.

25. The primary occupations are farming, and fishing to a lesser degree.

26. Lithuania also received immigrants, but to a lesser degree.

27. SHBG binds avidly to testosterone and to a lesser degree DHEA.

28. He also has the authority to command demons of a lesser degree.

29. It was shown to a lesser degree across some of the ITV Network.

30. He also contributed to a lesser degree to the Zoological Museum.