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a leaf in a sentence

1. Caterpillar on a leaf.

2. Larva on a leaf.

3. Underside of a leaf.

4. Underside of a leaf.

5. Chard is a leaf vegetable.

6. A leaf and an open flower.

7. Phyllum also means a leaf.

8. It has a leaf green color.

9. Adult resting on a leaf.

10. Closeup of a leaf.

11. It is a leaf-litter dweller;

12. A leaf cluster.

13. Her tadpole tail is a leaf.

14. It is a leaf litter species.

15. It is a leaf-eating monkey.

16. Cross-section of a leaf.

17. Ladybirds mating on a leaf.

18. Larva. Larva on a leaf.

19. Adult on a leaf.

20. Back of a leaf.

21. Upper surface of a leaf.

22. Upper surface of a leaf.

23. Twig and part of a leaf.

24. They feed in a leaf cone.

25. It is a leaf mining moth.

26. Closeup of a leaf.

27. A. sanctaecrucis on a leaf.

28. not a leaf was stirring;

29. Barbara A. Leaf.

30. Tommy was a leaf.