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a just king in a sentence

1. But because he was a just king and a good devotee, Apollo intervened and requested his father to spare Periphas.

2. He was a just king: although he exacted what was due him, he had no wish to wrong anyone, from the lowest peasant to the richest vassal.

3. Antonio Bonfini also described Louis as a just king wandering among his subjects in disguise to protect them the royal officials' arbitrary acts.

4. He then ascended back to the heavens, and will come back at the end of times as a just king.

5. and such a ruler would be worthy of a Throne of Solomon (تخت سليمان, Takht-e-Sulaiman) to underscore his position as a just king.

6. A just king gains the loyalty of his people not because he is king, but because he is just.

7. After he has destroyed al-Dajjal, Mahdi's final task will be to become a just king and to re-establish justice.

8. In his article "The War in Westeros and Just War Theory", Richard H. Corrigan uses Robb to illustrate the concepts of just cause and right intention in the decision to go to war: "Robb is not only fighting this war to ensure that his fellow Northerners have a just king [Robb's cause]. He is also doing it to avenge his father, Ned, and to recover his sisters Arya and Sansa [Robb's intention]." Corrigan speculates that Robb may be suffering from cognitive dissonance and says that, ethically, once Robb has achieved his cause, he is obligated to cease fighting even if he has not yet avenged his family.

9. As the king was considered an agent of God, he cannot discriminate among various faiths present in society and in case the king discriminates on the basis of caste, religion or class then he would not be considered a just king.

10. The king had to promise that he would rule as a just king;

11. The young knight lives in exile away from home and takes service at the court of a just king.

12. Some have suggested that this scene is ironic – that it raises questions about whether Segismundo will in fact be a just king.

13. It is presented as advice which Lemuel's mother gave to him, about how a just king should reign (verse 1–9), and in the second part detailing the attributes of a good wife or ideal woman (verses 10–31; also known as Eshet Ḥayil).

14. Ellalan is traditionally presented as being a just king even by the Sinhalese.

15. As a child, he with Harabote had encountered his imprisoned uncle Sadaharu, who encourages him to be a just king.

16. Slowly dying of old age, Gaunt's final advice to Richard, that he put aside his favourites and become a just king, falls on deaf ears.

17. According to Antoninus Liberalis, Periphas was a legendary king of Attica who was a just king, and a dutiful priest of Apollo.

18. He opposed the practice of taqiyya in an era wherein a just King treated all his subjects equally regardless of their beliefs.

19. He was born Hassan Fereydoun (or Fereydun, in reference to a just king in Persian mythology, Persian: ‌حسن فریدون‎, Persian pronunciation: [hæˌsæn-e feɾejˈdun]) and later changed his last name to Rouhani, which means 'spiritual' or 'cleric'; also transliterated as Rowhani, Ruhani, or Rohani).

20. He was a pious priest of Apollo, to whom Periphas made many sacrifices, and he was a just king, whose "fair judgments" were numerous.

21. The inscription describes Arikesari as a just king and a skilled archer, who bore the titles Samasta-lokashraya, Tribhuvana-malla, Raja-trinetra, and Sahasa-rama.