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a gallon in a sentence

1. By the end of WW II the price would be down to 16 cents a gallon.

2. Whiskey went for 25 cents a gallon.

3. In both of those systems it is traditionally one eighth of a gallon.

4. The pint is traditionally one eighth of a gallon.

5. Out of a gallon, this method yields about two cups.

6. Whiskey then sold for 25 cents a gallon.

7. Ideally, a person should drink about a gallon of water per day.

8. $1 a bottle or $3 a gallon.

9. A gallon of Parson's Choice Somerset scrumpy.

10. Another time he sent Perry a gallon of lard.

11. Alternatively, a gallon planter with both ends removed may be used.

12. There were originally only 12 logs (about a gallon) of the oil.

13. I believe that an ounce of sweat will save a gallon of blood.

14. Jones' van has only half a gallon of petrol remaining in its tank.

15. A gallon is unit of measurement for volume.

16. To make it clear, Gantang equals a Gallon.

17. A Gallon has sub measurements of 4 Quarts, or 8 Pints, or 16 Cups.

18. They averaged a gallon of paraffin for 3.8 miles.

19. Generally, the stomach can hold only half a gallon (1.9 L).

20. The quarter of wine was a gallon larger than a hogshead.

21. 7. The decline in gasoline prices to 83 cents a gallon in Michigan.

22. Two days later gas reached its highest point, $3.79 a gallon.

23. Gas was $2.49 a gallon.

24. Four quarts constitute a gallon.

25. A gallon of gasoline and the nylon overalls fall into the valley.

26. Do you really need a gallon of mayonnaise, or 1000 clothes hangers?

27. your way over, could you get a gallon of milk from THR store please?

28. Looking to try FS-Sealant, but don't need a gallon?

29. Unleaded gasoline rose more than a penny a gallon.

30. Staying in bed with a gallon of water and a couple bottles of Advil.