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a fourteenth in a sentence

1. On January 29 it returned to the top for a fourteenth and final week.

2. One example is found in a fourteenth-century Pavian codex.

3. A fourteenth civilian was to die later.

4. At Indianapolis, Busch had a fourteenth place showing.

5. a fourteenth-century bridge and gate;

6. A fourteenth virus has been described.

7. His best finish that year was a fourteenth place at Hickory.

8. A fourteenth shooting victim died four months later in June 1972.

9. A fourteenth episode later aired as a Christmas special.

10. It had a fourteenth that was destroyed during World War II.

11. John of Eschenden was a fourteenth-century English astrologer.

12. In May 2020, the series was renewed for a fourteenth season.

13. Sambucuccio d'Alando was a fourteenth-century Corsican revolutionary.

14. His best placed finish was a fourteenth in race one at Brands Hatch.

15. Duodecimber or Duodecember is similarly a fourteenth month.

16. tame slugs; donkeys; a fourteenth-century feast;

17. The rundlet was a seventh of a butt or a fourteenth of a tun.

18. The broadcaster later added a fourteenth episode to the series.

19. William of Exeter was a fourteenth-century English author.

20. The church possesses a fourteenth-century processional cross;

21. A fourteenth volume was added and released on February 4, 2014.

22. A fourteenth body was discovered lying on a tractor nearby.

23. Veg.. A fourteenth edition was published in 1784.

24. He is not running for reelection to a fourteenth term in 2020.

25. Sant Karmamela was a fourteenth-century poet saint from Maharashtra.

26. The horse was named after a fourteenth century Muslim historian.

27. She was re-elected to a fourteenth term with 69% of the vote in 2016.

28. It was a Fourteenth Amendment case.

29. On April 2, 2018, The CW renewed the series for a fourteenth season.

30. AM 227 fol. is a fourteenth century Icelandic illuminated manuscript.