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a former Olympic boxer in a sentence

1. Andre Agassi was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to Emmanuel "Mike" Agassi, a former Olympic boxer from Iran and Elizabeth "Betty" Agassi (née Dudley).

2. A Pakistani Hazara named Abrar Hussain, a former Olympic boxer, served as deputy director general of the Pakistan Sports Board.

3. An associate of McIntosh, Dave Lockwood, attempted to get Stretford to pay out a share of his earnings from Rooney's representation, engaging John Hyland, a former Olympic boxer, to help in the attempt.

4. Mohamed Bangura (born January 1, 1959) is a former Olympic boxer from Sierra Leone.

5. Emanoul Aghassian (Persian: ایمانوئل آغاسيان‎, Anglicized as Emmanuel "Mike" Agassi (born December 25, 1930), is a former Olympic boxer and the father and former coach of Andre Agassi.

6. Reynaldo "Rey" Fortaleza (born December 26, 1957) is a former Olympic boxer who represented the Philippines in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

7. He wrestles in the Men's Freestyle, at 96 kg. He wrestles for the Montreal Wrestling Club, and is coached by his father Victor Zilberman, a former Olympic boxer, and by Robert Moore.

8. John Michel Mirona (جون ميشيل ميرونا; born 1962) is a former Olympic boxer from Sudan.