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a formal one in a sentence

1. The difference is not a formal one taxonomically and there are numerous exceptions to this rule.

2. The Great Sandbar Duel, featuring Jim Bowie was a formal one-on-one duel that erupted into a violent brawl involving multiple combatants on September 19, 1827 and is one of the regional stories still told by local residents.

3. Generally, after a formal, one or more after-parties are held.

4. For much of the country's early history, the role was not a formal one.

5. In April 2005, however, a Moscow News journalist received photocopies of the interview protocols of Dzasokhov and Andreyev by investigators, revealing that two headquarters had been formed in Beslan: a formal one, upon which was laid all responsibility, and a secret one ("heavies"), which made the real decisions, and at which Andreyev had never been in charge.

6. The Sandbar Fight, also known as the Vidalia Sandbar Fight, was a formal one-on-one duel that erupted into a violent brawl involving multiple combatants on September 19, 1827.

7. The "club" was not a formal one;

8. The structure had two entrances: a formal one to the east and another further to the south which was probably for everyday use.

9. Female physicians were given an informal education instead of a formal one.

10. Foucault and Habermas did not actually debate in person, though they were considering a formal one in the U.S. before Foucault's death in 1984.

11. Even though the vote was not a formal one, it still violated the public's right to transparency.

12. This regression appears to be a twofold one: a temporal one, in so far as the libido, the erotic needs, hark back to stages of development that are earlier in time, and a formal one, in that the original and primitive methods of psychic expression are employed in manifesting those needs'. Behaviors associated with regression can vary greatly depending upon which stage the person is fixated at: An individual fixated at the oral stage might begin eating or smoking excessively, or might become very verbally aggressive.

13. Domitrz started the campaign as a formal one, in 1991, as a dedicated seminar titled "Can I Kiss you?" that focused on getting the participants to focus on clear communication via asking first as opposed to mind reading.

14. Sponsored by grants from the American Red Cross, a formal one-year program was implemented in 1921.

15. however, his rule was only a formal one.

16. He comes to the conclusion that this has to do with the distinction Rudolf Carnap makes between a material mode of speech and a formal one.

17. She's feeding off you...turning on the emotional blackmail at full power'. Alternatively, the controlling force - "denying the separateness of the other" - may be a group cult, whether a formal one (Speeding) or an informal subculture, like the hero's 'bond to the team...their triumphant, tribal energy' in Leader of the Pack.

18. The name is not a formal one, but is a widely used colloquial term, as was the term protective legislation.

19. Though provisionally suspended with immediate effect by the UCI, he attended the team's first training camp in December, still unsure what his status for the 2011 season would be. After months of deliberation, the Spanish cycling federation handed Contador a formal one-year suspension on January 26. Two days later, he announced his intention to appeal, and this appeal was accepted;

20. The pre-season is not a formal one set by the league, but instead the individual teams can play club or touring sides at their own leisure, or may choose to not play any pre-season games at all.

21. But this decision was not a formal one.

22. This informal meeting was followed, three weeks later, by a formal one, at which the chair was taken by no less a figure that C Wreford-Brown, a pillar of the Corinthians and capped four times for England in full internationals.

23. Moghaddam states the model is not a formal one, but rather a metaphor for the purpose of providing general framework in order to organise current psychological knowledge regarding terrorism.

24. Akshay and Vijaya have been married for years but their marriage is a formal one where they care for each other and live as a family but don't have the relationship of a husband and wife.