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a fluid in a sentence

1. Air is also considered a fluid in this case.

2. Another example of a fluid bearing is ice skating.

3. The damping is usually by a fluid.

4. all of which produce a fluid lead sound.

5. Johann Bernoulli proposed a fluid energy machine.

6. For a fluid, only the bulk modulus is meaningful.

7. The atmosphere is a fluid.

8. The atmosphere is a fluid.

9. A fluid at rest has no shear stress.

10. the Type "A" fluid in 1949.

11. it used the GM Type "A" fluid.

12. it also used the GM Type "A" fluid.

13. it used the GM Type "A" Suffix "A" fluid.

14. The Hydramatic employed a fluid coupling.

15. The atmosphere is a fluid.

16. Such a bearing is known as a fluid bearing.

17. The flow velocity u of a fluid is a vector field.

18. The entire step is a fluid motion;

19. hydronically (in a fluid).

20. A liquid is a fluid.

21. A fluid may be a liquid, gas or plasma.

22. At the time, the border was a fluid area.

23. It just exists as a fluid community."

24. (2) a fluid-filled coelom cavity;

25. I use a fluid and fast brush stroke.

26. It is written in a fluid and very readable style.

27. a "fluid ever-changing self."

28. David Tritton was a fluid dynamicist.

29. at others it is a fluid and organic dynamism.

30. as a fluid and ever-changing societal construct.