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a festival in a sentence

1. 'The Pots'), a festival of the dead.

2. It includes a festival and parade.

3. Musa chose the day of a festival.

4. marked by the holding of a festival.

5. e.g. for a festival.

6. Vela is also a festival like pooram.

7. The second is the W:O:A festival.

8. A festival on Taquile.

9. A festival scene.

10. A Festival of Flight.

11. It is a festival that lasts 4 days.

12. a Festival Tour in France in 2003;

13. It was like a festival.

14. It is a festival for the dead.

15. This is a festival of popular music.

16. Each year TRACE conducts a festival.

17. There was not a festival in 2011.

18. Holi Holi is a festival of colours.

19. the A Coruña Festival, Spain;

20. It is a festival of food;

21. Teaming at a festival.

22. It is also a festival of gratitude.

23. A festival is held in June.

24. It is largely a festival for women;

25. It is a festival.

26. HLF is a Festival for All.

27. It's a festival of cleansing.

28. It is used as a festival center.

29. There is a festival entry fee.

30. Yoko we were just at a festival.