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a feature in a sentence

1. Sport is a feature of Eton;

2. to star in a feature-length film.

3. GPS is also included as a feature.

4. a feature of Big Bang cosmology.

5. A feature in Gilbert &

6. Achlorhydria is also a feature.

7. Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, as a feature.

8. A spiral minaret is a feature of:

9. it's a feature!"

10. a feature remake, and two pilots.

11. A feature film documentary.

12. There is also a feature movie.

13. Iaso Tholus is a feature on Venus.

14. Such a feature is termed a dike.

15. She has a feature singing part".

16. Its foliage is a feature.

17. A feature film, Mrs.

18. Movieplex, a feature of the Yahoo!

19. Albums Singles As a feature artist

20. Myrna Loy has a feature role.

21. It adds a feature respect.

22. It was a feature in the magazine.

23. A Feature has one or more Anchors.

24. I don't have a feature on this."

25. Nokia 106 is a feature phone.

26. a feature of many castles.

27. a feature in Seventeen Magazine;

28. A rooftop garden was a feature;

29. A feature that Holmlund coded.

30. Abnormality can become a feature.