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a failing marriage in a sentence

1. At this time Agassi was also in a failing marriage with actress, model, and socialite Brooke Shields and had lost interest in the game.

2. Curtis suffered from personal problems including a failing marriage, depression, and epilepsy.

3. Playing a couple in a failing marriage in the 1950s, DiCaprio and Winslet spent some time together in preparation, and DiCaprio felt claustrophobic on the small set they used.

4. You have to leave him alone to freeform, to create ..." Wright was troubled by a failing marriage and the onset of depression, exacerbated by his non-residency.

5. Mackey's struggle to cope with a failing marriage, two autistic children, and rebellious eldest daughter;

6. The Mountain Goats - "Old College Try" The song reflects on a failing marriage and the various struggles the couple has endured, including escalating pharmaceutical usage.

7. When Kate, a housewife with a failing marriage, decides to run away, she ends up in the hands of the criminals.

8. The Wall is the story of Pink, who grows up to become an alienated and embittered rock star, with a failing marriage and feelings of megalomania.

9. Amidst a failing marriage and the eventual loss of his job, Lian Wei finds solace and comfort with his ex-colleague, Hazel.

10. He has a failing marriage with Helen, and comes to the end of his tether when he discovers that she has been having an affair with Tony, and sends blood mail to Davina accusing Helen.

11. Don is in a failing marriage with his actress wife Megan.

12. Since Benoit's suicide, numerous explanations for his actions have been proposed, including severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), steroid and alcohol abuse, leading to a failing marriage and other personal problems.

13. When last seen in Turow's The Burden of Proof, Sonia Klonsky was a prosecutor with the U. S. Attorney's office in Kindle County with a failing marriage, an infant daughter, and a single mastectomy.

14. Like "The River", "Stolen Car" is an inner-directed, psychological song that deals with a failing marriage.

15. Abigail, a preppy psychologist who is struggling in a failing marriage, decides superficially to continue it but revolts against her husband, Gustavo, who humiliates her in public at a congress.

16. Kathy Tate was also in a failing marriage, growing increasingly distanced from husband Chris as he sought to expand his business empire.

17. Instead, with a failing marriage and another child on the way she sees that her life resembles only the saddest aspects of a soap opera.

18. However, this façade conceals a troubled man with a failing marriage who is an alcoholic.

19. The screenplay concerns a successful Australian talent agent who grows disenchanted with his life, which includes a failing marriage and having to represent a troublesome rock group.

20. In Just Friends, Susan was in a failing marriage;

21. He happens upon a Hooters restaurant where he crosses paths with his older brother Pat (Helms), a successful yuppie struggling with a failing marriage.

22. Rachel Bailey, who is portrayed as a single woman in her early thirties, contrasts the character of Janet, who is in a failing marriage and has two daughters.

23. It revolved around the story of a commercial artist living in Westport, Connecticut who struggles to land a New York magazine illustrator account while juggling a failing marriage and a girlfriend.

24. Khan plays the protagonist, an "everyman" who is discontented with a failing marriage and an autistic son Buddhi played by Dhruv Panjuani.

25. Ravi Kumar is a plastic salesman working for Opel Plastics who is enduring a failing marriage.

26. The video depicts a man in a failing marriage being hounded by the band to grant her a divorce, even being tied to a chair.

27. Its chief characters are lawyer Jules Epstein, who is wealthy, divorced and retired, and Nicole, an internationally acclaimed novelist and mother of two sons who is in a failing marriage.

28. Stuck in a failing marriage, it is after her old college friend dies that she decides to make changes in her life.

29. Sammy’s mother Rebecca, trapped in a failing marriage, misses her son so much that she too decides to leave for Spain, working as a nurse for the Brigades whilst searching for Sammy.

30. Zhang Dongsheng is a teacher who is in a failing marriage.