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a drink in a sentence

1. Have a drink or few.

2. She poured a drink for him.

3. I haven't had a drink since."

4. He asks for a drink;

5. I never saw him take a drink."

6. Let’s go have a drink."

7. Pike is ill, and wants a drink;

8. A drink's too wet without one!"

9. Moe hands Veronica a drink.

10. She takes him out for a drink.

11. He makes himself a drink.

12. Having a drink.

13. When she did, he took a drink.

14. being unable to have a drink.

15. Inside, Lee buys Cozy a drink.

16. You just had a drink.

17. She invites Chase for a drink.

18. He orders a drink.

19. He then offers him a drink.

20. Curtis buys Gerry a drink;

21. I'm off to buy her a drink".

22. I like a drink.

23. I just need a drink of water.

24. Sangria is a drink.

25. He has a drink and gets sick.

26. Carmody leaves to get a drink.

27. He invites her to get a drink.

28. yon like a drink or something?

29. Anis del Toro. It's a drink.

30. Gimme a drink!" he ordered.