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a diversified economy in a sentence

1. Prior to the civil war, the country enjoyed a diversified economy that included tourism, agriculture, commerce, and banking.

2. This resulted in the establishment of a diversified economy with a strong manufacturing sector and iron and steel industries.

3. Today Sardinia is phasing in as an EU region, with a diversified economy focused on tourism and the tertiary sector.

4. Baltimore County hosts a diversified economy, with particular emphasis on education, government, and health care.

5. Today Sardinia is a phasing-in EU region, featured by a diversified economy, mainly focused on tourism and the tertiary.

6. San Antonio has a diversified economy with a gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately $96.8 billion.

7. France has a diversified economy.

8. By the 1980s, Hansford County had a diversified economy based on agriculture, oil, and transportation.

9. The Vincennes area has a diversified economy.

10. Known as the "Gateway to the West", Winnipeg is a railway and transportation hub with a diversified economy.

11. Redding was recognized for having a diversified economy with several large employers in different sectors.

12. São Paulo, one of the largest economic poles in both Latin and South America, has a diversified economy.

13. There was some economic development in the Indies to supply food, but a diversified economy did not emerge.

14. Grande Prairie possesses a diversified economy.

15. Vigo is characterized by a diversified economy linked to the fishing sector, industry, trade, tourism and services.

16. It has a diversified economy where machine building, metallurgy and timber enterprises dominate.

17. Valle del Cauca has a diversified economy.

18. In order to support a diversified economy and free trade, for instance, he used his own plantation as an example.

19. The city has a diversified economy, and the cultivation and processing of sugarcane is relevant.

20. In recent years Kopejsk has developed a diversified economy.

21. Xinzheng has a diversified economy, though agriculture and heavy industry dominate the economic landscape.

22. The Mid West region has a diversified economy that varies with the geography and climate.

23. Lira District has a diversified economy including:

24. Huanggang has a diversified economy, ranging from bio- and herbal medicine to manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.

25. Open Hall has had a diversified economy throughout its history.

26. Eltmann has a diversified economy of agriculture, light manufacturing [1][2][3], retail and tourism.

27. In the last century, Melchnau has developed from a farming town to a municipality with a diversified economy.

28. Henderson relaxed the assumption of identical cities to explore the implications of a diversified economy of traded goods.

29. The municipality of Gaspar Hernandez has a diversified economy divided between tourism and agricultural production.

30. Take grain as the key link, develop a diversified economy and ensure an all-round development.