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a direct competition in a sentence

1. There is a direct competition between males to win the attention of the females in salamanders and newts, with elaborate courtship displays to keep the female's attention long enough to get her interested in choosing him to mate with.

2. PvP stands for player versus player and describes games that feature a direct competition between human players.

3. There should be a counter to every action, game element strategy that beats those in a direct competition.

4. The benefit of external beam proton radiation lies in the dosimetric difference from external beam X-ray radiation and brachytherapy in cases where the use of radiation therapy is already indicated, rather than as a direct competition with surgery.

5. As a direct competition to Canada's leading low-cost carrier WestJet, Zip flew mostly between the western cities of Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg.

6. it soon realized, however, that it was not a direct competition and the greater visibility for their stars meant larger audiences.) Publishers accused radio stations of "pirating" news by reading newspaper articles over the air without paying for the service.

7. Using a pair of 14-inch cast iron wheels, Modenas Passion has a direct competition with Yamaha Ego.

8. "Boys & Girls" was subjected to controversy by Japanese media at the time of its release, mainly due to it interspersing with the premiere of Japanese recording artist Ami Suzuki's "Be Together", which was perceived as a direct competition between Suzuki's label, Sony Music, and Hamasaki's label, Avex Trax, in order to score the highest entry on the Oricon Singles Chart.

9. The bronze medal was awarded based on the time of the two semifinal losers rather than a direct competition.

10. Since 2001, USC athletics have participated in a direct competition with cross-town rival UCLA called the SoCal BMW Crosstown Cup.

11. However, executives and researchers raised concerns that such a decision would place America's Got Talent in a direct competition for viewing ratings with the sixth season of American Idol, due to aired around the same period.

12. In 1975, wrestling promoters Francisco Flores and Benjamín Mora and wrestler/trainer Ray Mendoza decided to break away from EMLL's very rigid structure where young wrestlers "paid their dues" for many years before being given an opportunity and founded their own wrestling promotion, the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA), as a direct competition to EMLL.

13. Brocken appears as a direct competition to Ashura, demoting him as Hell's main servant and forcing him to work as a team in a number of occasions, mostly with terrible results, to the point of ordering their respective mechanical beasts to fight each other to prevent each other from defeating Mazinger.

14. Each showcase is not a direct competition, with judges instead selecting the best acts they have seen over the entire run to take part in one of seven heats at the Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

15. In 1932 Wendell Stanley began a direct competition with Carl G. Vinson to be the first to completely isolate the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, a virus that had been until then invisibly killing tobacco plants across England.

16. Some researchers fear that a major switch to biofuels from such crops would create a direct competition with their use for food and animal feed, and claim that in some parts of the world the economic consequences are already visible, other researchers look at the land available and the enormous areas of idle and abandoned land and claim that there is room for a large proportion of biofuel also from conventional crops.

17. However, this would be a direct competition to Venice as this would threaten their trade position within the East as well.

18. The PPP was in a direct competition with Awami League and Pakistan Muslim League (PML) during the 1970 general elections.

19. The left-wing party, ANP, was in a direct competition with the PPP despite similar ideologies.

20. In the US is one of the most popular providers, the largest privately held VoIP provider and a direct competition to incumbents.

21. The top two sales records were achieved in the same week, on March 28, 2001, as both albums were promoted as a direct competition between J-pop singer-songwriters Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki.

22. While both papers presented republican arguments and anti-religious sentiments, the end result was a direct competition for support from the same readers.

23. There is a direct competition between males to win the attention of the females in salamanders and newts, with elaborate courtship displays to keep the females attention long enough to get her interested in choosing him to mate with.

24. During the 1970 general elections, the religious conservative and right-wing conservative parties participated in the election with a direct competition with left-oriented PPP.

25. This show is believed to be a direct competition to another popular sketch comedy show, Majaa Talkies that is being aired on the rival channel, Colors Kannada.

26. and had a direct competition with pro-Democracy Alvin Yeung and pro-Beijing Holden Chow in the 2016 New Territories East by-election.

27. Stagebill was launched as a direct competition to Playbill, a highly successful publication.

28. Points remained important into the final round, as Poilvé's 2-point advantage made the final not a direct competition for gold and silver.

29. Despite its name pacu jawi (literally "bull race" or "cow race" in Minangkabau), it is not generally conducted as a direct competition between the animals.

30. After the acquisition of IBMPC department, Lenovo initiates a direct competition with leading companies such as DELL and HP in the it industry, across in the global market.