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a dichotomy in a sentence

1. Historically, cryptography was split into a dichotomy of codes and ciphers;

2. A dichotomy of opinion exists among some church members today.

3. He conceives of gaming as a dichotomy between the intellect and chance.

4. There is a dichotomy in the way he views Spain.

5. The two works would form a whole, a dichotomy of good and evil.

6. or, the idea of a dichotomy between good and evil.

7. This resulted in a dichotomy of buyers: total luxury or total economy.

8. In his view, there existed a dichotomy between the people of Germanic descent.

9. A dichotomy of musical styling was featured in the album's songs.

10. We mention a dichotomy drawn from exterior algebra.

11. Ethnocentric appeals create a dichotomy between the audience and the enemy.

12. A dichotomy exists in reference to the subject of interracial adoption.

13. Together Megara and Amphitryon form a dichotomy of hope and defeat.

14. Furthermore, a dichotomy resides within Herakles.

15. I really feel a dichotomy in the American populace.

16. This distinction, though, is not necessarily a dichotomy;

17. that is, this set would exhibit a dichotomy.

18. Bulatov proved a dichotomy theorem for domains of three elements.

19. Hot and cold cognition form a dichotomy within executive functioning.

20. However Icelandic in this period shows a dichotomy.

21. I don't see a dichotomy between formalism and something else.

22. He's a dichotomy – he's got a few different sides, and he surprises people.

23. Berman does not see a dichotomy between insurgents and terrorists.

24. This EP is part of a dichotomy, completed by The White EP.

25. In media with a theme of the "other" there is some depiction of a dichotomy.

26. Like its title, it’s a contradiction, a dichotomy, a triumph.

27. This war led to a dichotomy of two groups of the Fulani.

28. La gitanilla displays a dichotomy between truth and deception.

29. Now Mohan is under a dichotomy as he is unable to reveal the truth.

30. The speech noted a dichotomy of choice between either war or brotherhood.