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a desert in a sentence

1. It looks almost like a desert.

2. Bushehr has a desert climate.

3. The area has a desert climate.

4. La Paz has a desert climate.

5. his Sufferings in a Desert Isle;

6. São Filipe has a desert climate.

7. Jiayuguan has a desert climate.

8. Motavia, a desert planet;

9. Gash awaits Edge in a desert.

10. Bill drives down a desert road.

11. 7. Crossing a desert.

12. You never saw such a desert.

13. Helendale is in a desert climate.

14. A Desert Power &

15. They fled to a desert island.

16. This is a desert place.

17. and a desert map.

18. The rest is a desert.

19. Planted in a desert rock garden.

20. It was a desert predator.

21. Porto Novo has a desert climate.

22. "In The Closet" shows a desert.

23. Gearon is also a desert explorer.

24. It is mainly a desert area.

25. Small, Mark. "A Desert Rose".

26. “It looks dead like a desert.

27. Now on every side a desert.

28. The area has a desert climate.

29. a desert plateau to the west;

30. A desert holiday hooray!