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a coherent group in a sentence

1. The former sought to create a coherent group that would push for revolution while the latter were against anything that would resemble a political party.

2. In most taxonomies, the flowering plants are treated as a coherent group.

3. The Rubiaceae are morphologically easily recognizable as a coherent group by a combination of characters: opposite leaves that are simple and entire, interpetiolar stipules, tubular sympetalous actinomorphic corollas and an inferior ovary.

4. Although some more specific goals and outcomes of each movement were different, each, broadly speaking, aimed to advance the workplace and create a coherent group of individuals, while still maintaining a hierarchical system with managers in control.

5. In 1891, he married Florence (Flora) Ann Brumby, who was 23 years old to his 46. He managed to form his party into a coherent group although it "ran the whole gamut from conservative Sydney merchants through middle-class intellectuals to reformers who wished to replace indirect by direct taxation for social reasons."

6. They are a coherent group.

7. Thomas Kampen's Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and the Evolution of the Chinese Communist Leadership argues that they were only a coherent group in Moscow, opposed to both Kuomintang and Trotskyist influences among Chinese students.

8. In 2006, Richter conceived six paintings as a coherent group under the title Cage, named after the American avant-garde composer John Cage.

9. Theory refers to "a coherent group of general propositions used as principles of explanation".

10. However, according to Roger Blench, the Bantoid languages probably do not actually form a coherent group.

11. They are for the most part poorly attested, but they do not appear to constitute a coherent group.

12. This is in part due to the tendency of Franco-American groups to identify more closely with North American regional identities such as French Canadian, Acadian, Brayon, Cajuns or Louisiana Creole than as a coherent group.

13. However, they form a coherent group on molecular trees, closely related to both animals and fungi and so of interest to biologists studying their origins.

14. Marianne advises Anita on building the wereleopards into a coherent group.

15. Although there is no definitive definition of a church for Internal Revenue Code purposes, in 1986 the United States Tax Court said that "A church is a coherent group of individuals and families that join together to accomplish the religious purposes of mutually held beliefs.

16. We can credit John Beazley with first identifying these artists as a coherent group, though no documentary evidence remains of them;

17. 1918 and 1925 buildings form a coherent group of one and two-storeyed classroom blocks linked together by verandahs.

18. Gerber & Grollmann (2018) do not consider Kiranti to be a coherent group, but rather a paraphyletic one.

19. Grollmann (2018), but they consider "Western Kiranti" to be a linguistic area rather than a coherent group.

20. The formation of the Eugenics Society of Canada (ESC) in 1930 sought to organize supporters of eugenics into a coherent group in order to make their lobbying of the government more effective.

21. The two buildings form a coherent group of related railway structures complemented by their large decorative platform awnings.

22. There seems to be enough data to establish three "Ngura" languages, which do not form a coherent group: In 2013 the old ISO code for 'Ngura', [nbx], was split, with new codes established for these languages, namely for (old?) Garlali, Punthamara, (old and modern?) Wangkumara and Badjiri.

23. The medieval churches of Gotland constitute a coherent group of medieval architecture and is therefore listed in a separate article.

24. Bikwin-Jen may not necessarily be a coherent group.

25. Antiquus formed in 2000, working to bring together a coherent group of musicians to produce their first album, Ramayana.

26. Byron Bay station group is a coherent group of railway buildings with good detailing and containing a number of unusual features including the round water tank on a brick base and the railway hotel attached to the station building.

27. Whether spiders that weave true orb webs form a coherent group, and so should be classified together, is a question that has a long history.

28. For tens of thousands of years they occupied a large area in central NSW, from the Blue Mountains in the east, to Hay in the west, north to Nyngan and south to Albury: the South Western slopes region: The Wiradjuri are identified as a coherent group as they maintained a cycle of ceremonies that moved in a ring around the whole tribal area.

29. Unlike some earlier classifications, Lynch (2016) considers the Malakula languages to form a coherent group.

30. Tryon (2010) considers the Espiritu Santo languages to be a coherent group.