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a circuit in a sentence

1. Court: The county has a Circuit Court.

2. The county maintains a circuit court.

3. and one 20 A circuit.

4. A circuit equivalent is also shown.

5. Her husband was a circuit judge.

6. Most years there is also a circuit test.

7. John A. Shockey was a circuit rider.

8. and a Circuit Court Judge in Florida.

9. His father was a circuit rider clergy.

10. He was later a circuit judge in England.

11. He is currently a Circuit Court Judge.

12. A circuit court judge ruled against them.

13. He later became a Circuit Court judge.

14. In 1977 he was appointed a Circuit Judge.

15. It made about a circuit of 45 million.

16. Overflow in a circuit is costly.

17. By 1870 he was a circuit judge.

18. he avoided contact with a circuit barrier.

19. Lea was a lawyer and a circuit judge.

20. It has a circuit switching orientation.

21. Kevin Crane is now a circuit court Judge.

22. In 1973 he became a Circuit Judge.

23. He was a Circuit Judge on the Midland &

24. Three cars made a circuit of the city.

25. a circuit; a Tao-t'ai. To speak;

26. She has been a circuit judge since 2002.

27. In 1978 he was appointed a circuit judge.

28. He has also been a circuit judge.

29. Ben is looking for a circuit breaker."

30. This is called a circuit split.