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a bundle in a sentence

1. Turnip (flower) A bundle of Tokyo turnips.

2. That is a bundle of news and no mistake.

3. His symbol is a bundle of sticks.

4. We bet it makes a bundle".

5. The product is only available as a bundle;

6. "We lost a bundle," James said.

7. A faggot is a large log or a bundle of ash sticks.

8. A funiculus is a bundle of axons.

9. On her back she carries a bundle of light.

10. A bundle consists of 2 reams or 40 quires.

11. The EP is a bundle containing the EP and a DVD.

12. A bundle of Catholic books were found.

13. Enter Sadiku, who is carrying a bundle.

14. A bundle has been released.

15. He brought with him a bundle of apple scions.

16. On her back she carries a bundle of light.

17. A bundle of both purchases was also released.

18. In personal identity, Hume was a bundle theorist.

19. A bundle of woman's hair was found in its stomach.

20. Usually it is treated as a "bundle of rights".

21. Between each point was a bundle of golden spears.

22. Lost a bundle."

23. Scoring is kept by using a bundle of sticks.

24. She is a bundle of talent still left unattended.

25. Each nerve is composed of a bundle of axons.

26. This condition is known as a bundle branch block.

27. Instead there was only a bundle of hair.

28. Mrs. Wrong "is a bundle of nerves;

29. bridal gown costs a bundle.

30. A bundle of extra "fancy starch" had come in.