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a bromeliad in a sentence

1. A Bromeliad. Billbergia pyramidalis Billbergia pyramidalis Billbergia vittata Brongniart Tillandsia usneoides hanging from branches.

2. A Bromeliad. The flower of a Billbergia sp. Puya alpestris Flower close-up. A bromeliad.

3. In some species it is placed at higher levels in a bromeliad, tree hole or rock crevice.

4. The nest is an open cup of twigs and grasses placed in a tree hollow or sometimes a bromeliad.

5. When the eggs hatch, a parent transports the newly hatched tadpoles to a tiny water reservoir (often in the axil of a bromeliad).

6. In the wild, frogs may go through their whole life cycle in a bromeliad.

7. Aechmea bromeliifolia is a bromeliad native to southern Mexico, Central America, Trinidad, and South America as far south as northern Argentina.

8. Aechmea chantinii is a bromeliad native to the Amazon Rainforest vegetation in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

9. Aechmea fulgens, the coralberry, is a bromeliad, which is often used like an ornamental plant.

10. Aechmea cylindrata is a bromeliad, native to southeastern Brazil from São Paulo to Santa Catarina.

11. Aechmea fosteriana, the lacquered wine cup, is a bromeliad native to Brazil, which is endemic to coastal areas of the State of Espírito Santo.

12. Aechmea gamosepala is a bromeliad endemic to southern Brazil.

13. Aechmea nudicaulis is a bromeliad species in the genus Aechmea, which is often used as an ornamental plant.

14. Aechmea perforata is a bromeliad native to Brazil, States of Bahia and Espírito Santo.

15. The same could be said for Paepalanthus bromelioides, though it is a member of Eriocaulaceae and not a bromeliad.

16. Aechmea dealbata is a bromeliad in the subfamily Bromelioideae.

17. One male was collected from a bromeliad.

18. The male typically chooses the leaf of a bromeliad plant on which to call to attract a mate.

19. A bromeliad which has filled with water is an ideal place.

20. After about nineteen days, the female detaches the eggs and places them in the water-filled hollow of a bromeliad.

21. The holotype was found in a bromeliad about three metres above the forest floor.

22. Examples include a tadpole preserved in amber after falling from a bromeliad.

23. A bladderwort is shown invading a bromeliad.

24. Fosterella spectabilis is a bromeliad species in the genus Fosterella.

25. Nidularium purpureum is a bromeliad in the genus Nidularium.

26. Neoregelia capixaba is a bromeliad species in the genus Neoregelia.

27. Werauhia balanophora is a bromeliad species in the genus Werauhia.

28. Tillandsia ignesiae is a bromeliad species in the genus Tillandsia.

29. Aechmea haltonii is a bromeliad, a flowering plant in the genus Aechmea which is endemic to Panama.

30. Pineapple also known as pineapple, is a Bromeliad, is a perennial herb.