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a balloon in a sentence

1. The protagonist is "a Balloon Man".

2. A balloon may be free-flying or tethered.

3. A balloon catheter may be used.

4. The kids walk into a balloon forest.

5. Touch mode features a Balloon Fight backdrop.

6. They did fashion a balloon from dress silk.

7. by hijacking a balloon.

8. One time she left and went on a balloon ride."

9. the spiders' kite is not a balloon.

10. Thea quickly grabs a balloon and leaves.

11. On the 25th, he again shot down a balloon.

12. The next day he shot a balloon down in flames.

13. The end of the line would have a balloon loop.

14. The next day, he downed a Spad and a balloon.

15. 'delivery system': a balloon delivery system.

16. Never having gone up on a balloon.

17. Dr. Charles never went up in a balloon again.

18. He was the first Croat flying in a balloon.

19. Quacky flies by Whim in a balloon.

20. It inflates like a balloon.

21. A balloon atrial septostomy is also done.


23. Kabiskoy also claimed a balloon shot down.

24. Amiral Duperré Formidable testing a balloon.

25. NBCA combined with a balloon.

26. It has a balloon frame and a hipped roof;

27. It was her 235th ascent in a balloon.

28. A balloon release took place on April 25th.

29. Air distends a balloon.

30. Give me a balloon, a balloon, a ballon.