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No. sentence
1 My dad was a corporate lawyer who danced in the kitchen like Zorba the Greek.
2 Zorba support in PHP comes through PECL's ext/zorba extension, which is maintained by William Candillon, and provides an object-oriented API for accessing the Zorba library.
3 Notice that the difference is small between the eXist and Zorba examples.
4 Or you could use Zorba, a stand-alone XQuery application, to do the same thing.
5 To use it with the eXist XML Database, you need to have the database installed; otherwise, use the Zorba XQuery processor, which is available through an online sandbox.
6 Although using an XQuery agent such as Zorba is convenient, it is also possible to pull the data with SimpleXML directly, in the following way.
7 more about these functions in the Zorba documentation.
8 Clearly, then, Zorba will be highly effective in preventing recurrent ulcers and if health experts inform the general public of this fact, many first-time ulcers can be prevented as well.
9 For this, simply use the Zorba XQuery processor online live demo, so you don't have to install anything.
10 Alternately, you can use the online version of Zorba XQuery processor to run code examples by performing the following steps.
11 But don't worry if you can't install the database: I provide an "install free" method later using the Zorba XQuery processor.
12 It then USES the exec function to run Zorba.
13 Zorba supports declaring variables within the context of an XQuery, as well as basic math functions. Listing 3 demonstrates both these aspects
14 I use the past tense here because I don't have recent data on Zorba. Lets hope he is doing well.
15 Now, look at this same example running in the Zorba XQuery processor.
16 It provides detailed information on how to use this extension in the context of PHP scripts, explaining the Zorba API and illustrating it with various examples.
17 Although the multimineral Zorba pill was designed as a simple dietary supplement, a study of first-time ulcer patients who took Zorba suggests that Zorba actually helps prevent ulcers.
18 Listing 19 USES Zorba to read this file and add a new entry to the end using an XQuery Update expression.
19 Listing 1 begins by including the Zorba PHP class definitions, and creating an instance of the memory store with the InMemoryStore class.
20 In addition to the let and return clauses, Zorba supports for sequences, as well as the for clause to process them.
21 Zorba also includes functions to parse JSON-encoded data, and return it in an XML format. Listing 28 has an example of using Zorba's json function to return an XML representation of a json packet.
22 Examples of traditionally animated feature films include Pinocchio (United States, 1940), Animal Farm (United Kingdom, 1954), Lucky and Zorba (Italy, 1998), and The Illusionist (British-French, 2010).
23 At the same time, composers and musicians such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis, Eleni Karaindrou, Vangelis and Demis Roussos garnered an international following for their music, which include famous film scores such as Zorba the Greek, Serpico, Never on Sunday, America America, Eternity and a Day, Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, among others.
24 Some notable films include The Drunkard (1950, directed by George Tzavellas), The Counterfeit Coin (1955, by Giorgos Tzavellas), Πικρό Ψωμί (1951, by Grigoris Grigoriou), O Drakos (1956, by Nikos Koundouros), Stella (1955, directed by Cacoyannis and written by Kampanellis), Woe to the Young (1961, by Alekos Sakellarios), Glory Sky (1962, by Takis Kanellopoulos) and The Red Lanterns (1963, by Vasilis Georgiadis) Cacoyannis also directed Zorba the Greek with Anthony Quinn which received Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film nominations.
25 His Oscar-nominated titular role in Zorba the Greek is considered one of the most iconic performances in cinematic history.
26 "I have known most of the great actresses of my time, and not one of them could touch her", Quinn once said of the spellbinding McPherson, whom he credited with inspiring Zorba's gesture of the dramatically outstretched hand.
27 The success of Zorba the Greek in 1964 resulted in another Oscar nomination for Best Actor.
28 In 1983, he reprised his role as Zorba for 362 performances in a successful musical version, called Zorba, opposite fellow film co-star Lila Kedrova, reprising her role as Madame Hortense.
29 It depicts Quinn in his famous Zorba the Greek role, and it remains one of the largest portrait murals in California, United States.
30 In his birthplace Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a statue of Quinn doing his famous "Zorba the Greek" dance.