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Zoonotic in a sentence

1. emerging and infectious zoonotic diseases;

2. Many Vibrio species are also zoonotic.

3. Orf virus is zoonotic—it can also infect humans.

4. Not all parapoxviruses are zoonotic.

5. One of the main commissions is zoonotic infections.

6. Rat-bite fever (RBF) is a zoonotic disease.

7. Sodoku (鼠毒) is a bacterial zoonotic disease.

8. H7N7 has unusual zoonotic potential.

9. Zoonotic infections from ferrets have been recorded.

10. DEV is not zoonotic.

11. Some CVBDs are of zoonotic concern.

12. It is not zoonotic.

13. B. canis is a zoonotic organism.

14. These are called viral zoonoses or zoonotic infections.

15. Milker's nodules is a zoonotic dermatosis.

16. It is not a zoonotic disease.

17. This disease is not zoonotic.

18. It is not thought to be zoonotic.

19. Ebola virus is a zoonotic pathogen.

20. These zoonotic diseases can be transmitted to humans.

21. The zoonotic potential of Cedar virus is unknown.

22. Table 1: Zoonotic Diseases

23. C. ulcerans can also cause zoonotic infections.

24. "Glanders in horses is a re-emerging zoonotic disease.

25. This skin disease also has zoonotic potential.

26. It is thought to have an animal (zoonotic) origin.

27. She focussed on viruses of zoonotic origin.

28. Zoonotic influenza originates in non-human animals.

29. Zoonotic coronaviruses emerged recently.

30. Trichinosis is a zoonotic parasitic diseases.