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No. sentence
1 A hungry prairie dog carried on nibbling his nut as a flock of starlings tried to get his lunch, and he completely ignored them at st Louis Zoo in Missouri, US.
2 youngster is now roaming around its pen and nibbling on fruit and flowers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in New South Wales, Australia.
3 This female Amur leopard cub was born at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany.
4 Under the pact, the National Zoo will research panda breeding and cub behavior to assist China with panda conservation efforts.
5 A three-month-old bear cub who was born at the zoo in Stavropol, Russia, takes a walk.
6 The calf was born at the zoo to mother Thong Dee, a former Bangkok street elephant.
7 Despite its claims, Dartmoor zoo itself has been responsible for killing animals - deer, as a result of "overpopulation", and a Wolf who was ostracised by the pack, for example.
8 hyaenas became vegetarians, the zoo was depopulated and even the tigers had only sweet potatoes and a bit of cassava to eat.
9 Having played golf, the Wolf in wool rested on the tool stool in the zoo.
10 According to the San Diego Zoo, every American white tiger is descended from a single father.
11 Thee children gaped at the big elephant in the zoo.
12 The children gaped at the big elephant in the zoo.
13 children gaped at the big elephant in the zoo.
14 The cobra was discovered "coiled sort of secluded in a dark corner" Thursday morning, according to zoo director Jim Breheny.
15 Critics from Anchorage and around the nation have urged the zoo to send Maggie to an elephant sanctuary in a warmer climate and away from the near-Arctic zoo.
16 The only elephant in Barcelona zoo could die of sadness unless she is moved to a bigger enclosure with other elephants, animal rights campaigners have warned.
17 It ended with a hung jury, in large part due to the star alibi witness, a manager at the zoo who said she was having drinks with Mr Hankton at a hotel when the murder occurred.
18 The boa constrictor jabbed its tail at the sign again and Harry read on: This specimen was bred in the zoo.
19 irresponsible visitors" would throw lit cigarette butts into Shirley's cage at the Johor Zoo, which she would pick up and smoke.
20 The zoo has been attempting to breed the Galapagos Tortoise for the last ten years.
21 A baboon enjoying an ice lolly to cool off at Hangzhou Wild Animal Zoo, Hangzhou, China.
22 A wayward Emperor penguin that washed up in New Zealand will be shipped back to sub-antarctic waters later this month on a scientific research vessel, Wellington Zoo said Wednesday.
23 The Zoo has a flock of 64 flamingos.
24 Scarlet greater flamingos and their Chilean relatives get cozy at the Sapporo Maruyama Zoo.
25 parrots in the zoo are popping all the time.
26 If you decide to visit a zoo ask whether it adheres to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Code of Ethics before you enter.
27 Washington lived in an impoverished West Side community and has strong memories of preschool field trips to the library, zoo and planetarium where he learned to love science.
28 I also had the pleasure of witnessing the signing of an agreement on joint research, which will soon bring two lovely giant pandas to Edinburgh Zoo.
29 Spain'spair were sped through the VIP section of Madrid airport on their way to thecity's zoo.
30 Rico and Kico, two six-week old tiger cubs, drink from bottles at the Serengeti-Park zoo, where they were both born.