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1 In the past, these states were often overrun by the armies of powerful neighbors; in the future, they may be fighting for their autonomy against competing zones of influence.
2 The IMF envisages that general government debt will reach 88% of the single-currency zone's GDP this year. This is lower than America's 98% and not much higher than Britain's 83%.
3 TheCanary Islands lie northwest of Africa and have five distinctenvironmental zones, ranging from sea level to snowcapped peaks.
4 He lent his name to the Kemp-Roth tax cuts of 1981, one of the opening salvos of the Reagan revolution, and championed school vouchers, enterprise zones and housing vouchers.
5 Even on a software project, during times of stress and panic, we have a tendency to turn to our comfort zones.
6 depressing end to the story of habitable zones, if not for a series of amazing findings that life on Earth is not what everyone thought it was.
7 We all live in comfort zones and that’s great because comfort zones protect us to a degree.
8 It is situated in the center of Asia and it has some climatic zones: from forest-tundra to steppe.
9 An interesting fact that Tyva is situated in different climatic zones: taiga in the north and Alpine grasslands in the west.
10 with the euro zone's current predicament, governments could only reduce debt burdens significantly once the Banks had had time to boost their capital cushions and recognize the losses.
11 So architecting systems to span multiple AZ should provide enough risk management to compensate the outage of one or more of those zones.
12 apical initial cells of the root top were arranged in cone shape and no typical histogen zones were found.
13 It could also be deployed in earthquake stricken zones to quickly reinforce damaged buildings and reduce the number of structures that have to be razed after a disaster.
14 This was partly because of a plague of bark-beetles in its temperate and boreal zones, a record number of which have been surviving the recent mild winters.
15 Instead of maintaining strict management divisions by territory, the company now thinks about product lines by temperate and tropical climate zones.
16 natural theme of eucalyptus greys/greens and ochra reds/browns are accentuated with textured timbers to create warm and welcoming interiors that gracefully define various zones and spaces.
17 The loudspeaker will enable the operator to warn swimmers of danger zones, calm them down and instruct them how best to use EMILY.
18 Because I can" eliminates these excuses. It pushes us past the status quo and our comfort zones. It gives us a reason to do the things that we think we can't.
19 Read my article about shifting comfort zones. It will explain how to transition from where you are to where you want to be.
20 Yet even there the likely immediate outcome of the euro zone’s crisis is the enfeeblement of an already weak recovery, rather than a sudden slump.
21 most dramatic impacts can be seen in the growth of coastal dead zones where excessive nutrients in the water - fueled by runoff of fertilizers - has suffocated or driven away ocean animals.
22 Phytoplankton are most abundant (yellow, high chlorophyll) in high latitudes and in upwelling zones along the equator and near coastlines.
23 The official, speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity, confirmed a Yonhap news agency report of the launches and of the "no sail" zones covering parts of the east and west coasts.
24 Such are the horrors reported from some recent conflict zones.
25 For reverse zones, you only create records recording the relationship between the IP address and the host.
26 If we as individuals need a good push to get us out of our comfort zones then unwieldy organisations need a mighty shove.
27 The report recommends investing more money in conserving land in buffer zones around public water supplies.
28 There are also phytoplankton increases in coastal zones where fertiliser run-off from agricultural land is increasing nutrient supplies.
29 He hired a staff of about 20 photographers, the best known of whom were Alexander Gardner and Timothy H. o 'sullivan, and dispatched them throughout the war zones.
30 However, I gave them no motivation to step outside their comfort zones and act on what they knew.