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Zhuyin in a sentence

1. A comparison table of zhuyin to pinyin exists in the zhuyin article.

2. in Taiwan, Boshiamy, Cangjie, and zhuyin predominate;

3. A typical keyboard layout for zhuyin on computers, which can be used as an input method.

4. Where zhuyin is not used, other Chinese phonetic systems like pinyin are employed.

5. This work eventually resulted in the Guoyu Zhuyin fuhao system which is widely used today.

6. Zhuyin Fuhao: ㄧˋ), literally "justice, righteousness;

7. Zhuyin is widely used to teach Mandarin pronunciation to schoolchildren.

8. Jiyin Zimu was renamed to Zhuyin Fuhao.

9. Zhuyin is semi-syllabic in a different sense: it transcribes half syllables.

10. Zhuyin, Japanese kanji and kana, and other special symbols can be input directly with Boshiamy.

11. He married his second wife Chen Zhuyin and continued to teach at Tsinghua University.

12. The Zhuyin phonetic alphabet and Japanese Kana both derive from Chinese characters.

13. Grade one textbooks of all subjects (including Mandarin) are entirely in zhuyin.

14. The main entries were characters listed phonologically by Zhuyin Fuhao and Gwoyeu Romatzyh.

15. Teachers use only Zhuyin ("bopomofo") for teaching and annotating the pronunciation of Mandarin.

16. These annotations, usually in the footnotes, are romanized, in addition to having Zhuyin.

17. It was later renamed first Guoyin Zimu and then, in April 1930, Zhuyin Fuhao.

18. Zhuyin is written in the same stroke order rule as Chinese characters.

19. Some Zhuyin fonts do not contain these letters;

20. Zhuyin can be used as an input method for Chinese characters.

21. One of these is zhuyin, a phonetic script devised for transcribing certain varieties of Chinese.

22. Zhuyin is not divided into consonants and vowels, but into onsets and rimes.

23. The Songs of Chu (3rd-2nd centuries BCE) mentions Zhulong, though not Zhuyin.

24. Zhulong or Zhuyin was not the only serpent-bodied celestial deity in Chinese folklore.

25. The Chewing (酷音) input method is an intelligent Zhuyin input method.

26. Zhuyin Fuhao: ㄧˋ), literally "justice, moral, righteousness;

27. It contains about 60,000 entries, with all entries labeled with Zhuyin alongside Hanyu Pinyin.

28. Many Chinese Filipino schools use pinyin or bopomofo (zhuyin fuhao) to teach the language.

29. Each medial + rime in zhuyin is written with a single letter in braille.

30. Beijing-based Lin Zhuyin became acquainted with Zhao in the 1940s;