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No. sentence
1 Lord Guan eyed Liu Bei, who sensed his brother's intent and rose to bid Zhou Yu farewell.
2 In one shot, they wear traditional garb, the bride pretending to light a string of firecrackers. Mr. Zhou mugs a grimace, hands to his ears.
3 But Zhou Chengjian bucked the trend by climbing 351 places to fifth spot after his fashion firm boosted his wealth to $2bn.
4 Head coach Lang Ping Wednesday signed a handful of aces in Guangzhou to join the Guangdong Hengda Women's Volleyball Team. The star lineup includes Feng Kun, Zhou Suhong and Yang Hao.
5 shining image of Premier Zhou Enlai is indelibly engraved on the memory of the people.
6 Zhou Hao has lead levels that, due to blood transfusions, have swung between 262 and 557, his parents say.
7 Section III, after the death of Fu, Zhou Zuoren has also spared no effort to attack and defame Fu.
8 Earlier this year, I met Zhou Yujin and his wife jin Qinglian.
9 tiny head appears. An expert slash to the neck. A squirt of blood. Students squeal and snap photos with their mobile phones as Chef Zhou whisks the twitching turtle into a wok of boiling water.
10 was in Xia, Shang, Zhou periods in Slave Society that the bronze and developed brilliantly, and the bronze decorative pattering were mainly composed of lines.
11 Wind, " Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Han, Ying Da, perfect performance!
12 Starring 17-year-old high school girl Zhou Dongyu and university acting major Dou Xiao, renowned director Zhang Yimou's latest work Under the Hawthorn Tree has gone on general release Wednesday.
13 there is the problem of spelling variants. The Chinese family name Zhou, for example, may be written by English speakers as Jhou, Joe, Chou or Chow.
14 Many suffocated trying to crawl out of the tunnel, Mr. Zhou said. Only three or four survived.
15 the Text is a diving book coming into being in the Western Zhou dynasty, it conceives the theme of the time of the discovery of human.
16 During the two hours and a half of flight, Kissinger had been discussing the details of the Communiqu with Premier Zhou, Nixon and Rodges.
17 In some cities, police seemed to stand back and let protests proceed, but there were also reports from the southern cities of Guang - zhou and Shenzhen that police had stopped protests.
18 Where is Xuande?" Zhou Yu asked.
19 Zhou Dongyu, who plays Jing Qiu, and Dou Xiao, who plays Lao San, are still students and have never performed in a film or TV drama before.
20 Zhuge Liang, "you were in more danger than you knew today. If not for Lord Guan, Zhou Yu would have killed you."
21 This feeling, like "Three Kingdoms" in Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang again and again in the count.
22 Sun Quan sent a messenger to Zhou Yu in Chaisang with the news: "my sister and Liu Bei are married-at my mother's insistence!" It never occurred to me that our ruse would turn into a reality.
23 Zhou Yu was very glad when he saw Liu Bei's coming. He had arranged an armed man to kill Liu Bei at the banquet when he threw a cup to the ground as the signal.
24 That gives Xie, Zhou and Zhu remarkable leverage over global markets.
25 took Zhou and his colleagues three years to come up with the system now known as Pinyin which was introduced in schools in 1958.
26 Burning gas has been used to make diamonds before but Professor Zhou is the first to show that the gems form deep inside something as simple as a candle flame.
27 But in a split second, Zhou Benchi falls in love with English, because he decides to study English with "Wulitou" (casual) method.
28 Zhou is considered a reformer on currency and other financial policies, but his is a minority voice.
29 Professor Zhou said: ‘This was a surprise because each form is usually created under different conditions.
30 As early as 2003, Zhou began leading a team of experts in the drafting of a law meant to protect private data.