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Zhivotovsky in a sentence

1. However, the dates obtained from by Zhivotovsky method DNA studies are several times older than that given by linguists.

2. Other geneticists criticise the Zhivotovsky method.

3. The geneticist Lev Zhivotovsky has made the unsupported claim that Lysenko helped to found modern developmental biology.

4. Semino et al. derived older age estimates for overall J2 (having used the Zhivotovsky method c.f. Di Giacomo), postulating its initial spread with Neolithic farmers from the Near East.

5. Georgy Adelson-Velsky, Vladimir Arlazarov, Bitman, Anatoly Uskov and Alexander Zhivotovsky won the correspondence match played by telegraph over nine months in 1966-1967.

6. Amatory (commonly stylized as [AMATORY], to fit their logo) is a Russian metalcore band from Saint Petersburg, formed in 1998 by Denis [DENVER] Zhivotovsky and Daniil [STEWART] Svetlov.

7. The band's current lineup comprises lead vocalist Sergei Raev, bassist Denis [DENVER] Zhivotovsky, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Dmitriy [HELLDIMM] Muzychenko, lead guitarist/vocalist Ilya [IL] Borisov and drummer Daniil [STEWART] Svetlov.

8. [AMATORY] founders Denis [DENVER] Zhivotovsky (Russian: Денис Животовский) and Daniil [STEWART] Svetlov (Russian: Даниил Светлов) met at the age of 13 in the spring of 1998.

9. Initial rehearsals were held that same spring in Svetlov's apartment, they played snippets of their favorite songs by Nirvana, Sex Pistols, The Exploited, and a self-penned song by Zhivotovsky.

10. Zhivotovsky then left the guitar in favor of the bass.

11. Rehearsals were moved to Zhivotovsky's apartment because there was an empty bedroom to which Svetlov brought his drum set.

12. In 1999 Potekhin and Zhivotovsky got carried away with Korn, but at the same time Svetlov became "addicted" to black metal and grindcore.

13. In an interview to "In search of Titans" (Russian: В поисках Титанов) Ovchinnikov remembers writing and correcting the lyrics together with Zhivotovsky in the school during the classes, and recording the vocals in a closet (because they had no money to book a record studio).

14. In 1965 at Alexander Kronrod’s laboratory at the Moscow Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP), Vladimir Arlazarov co-developed the ITEP Chess Program, together with Georgy Adelson-Velsky, Anatoly Uskov and Alexander Zhivotovsky, advised by Russian chess master Alexander Bitman and three-time world champion Mikhail Botvinnik.