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No. sentence
1 The next day, Xuande, Lord Guan, and Zhang Fei went to Longzhong.
2 Zhuge Liang was at home, Liu Bei went for another visit along with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
3 Liu Bei, the founder of Shu kingdom, and his two sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are good guys who unite to revive the legitimate throne of the Eastern han Dynasty.
4 The 2 men sat on some rocks in the woods; Lord Guan and Zhang Fei stood to Xuande’s side.
5 close,” Zhang Jun, who plays the male lead, Liu Mengmei, said with a grimace shortly after the performance.
6 After leaving the message, thousands of eager potential boyfriends swarmed to the dormitory building where Zhang Mengqian lives.
7 athlete at my age be as energetic as those in their twenties?" Zhang said.
8 Many of our team members suffered from foot injuries," said Zhang Jin, battalion commander of Chen's squad.
9 When I was a naughty boy, may be because of the influence of the film "Xiao Bing Zhang Ga", my dream was to be a soldier just like Zhang Ga.
10 hard-nosed attitude of Ms. Ma, the BMW woman, earned her a gentle reprimand recently from the film director Zhang Yimou.
11 There will be about 300 stars taking part, including Halle Berry, Quincy Jones and Zhang Ziyi.
12 candles alight while Zhang Fei drank in his tent.
13 Now he was camping with his daughter, Zhang Kaiqun, and her family, besides the ruins of their home.
14 TOEFL has kept reforming itself over time with new requests from students and universities," said Zhang Hongwei, head of Beijing's North American Testing Program, new Oriental School.
15 I just listened, and if I caught anything positive I'd remind her and reinforce it," Zhang explains later.
16 A 28-year-old woman surnamed Zhang who declined to disclose her full name works at a TV station in Jiangsu province. She recounted her recent encounter with online abusive remarks.
17 Another visitor from Zhengzhou who is surnamed Zhang passed the nude model with hands over her eyes.
18 A certain division chief surnamed Zhang from the Ministry of Public Security were to cooperate with him to ensure the successful conduct of interviews and the reporters’ personal safely.
19 At this moment, Zhang came out from the bedroom. He would not allow the mad Chen to bully his wife.
20 Today Zhang Kai phoned me and asked me whether I could have a buffet with him next Monday. He had several free tickets for a canteen and wanted to invite me and some other friends to enjoy.
21 Zhang Xiaohong, the class teacher to know the situation, tell her no donations, she unloaded their own live frugally accumulated donation of $ 100 all out.
22 Wind, " Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Han, Ying Da, perfect performance!
23 At first, I picked an e-bike because I couldn't stand the sickening smell of gas from my scooter," says Zhang Dengming, 50, a construction supervisor in Shanghai.
24 Starring 17-year-old high school girl Zhou Dongyu and university acting major Dou Xiao, renowned director Zhang Yimou's latest work Under the Hawthorn Tree has gone on general release Wednesday.
25 We are now sending Comrade Zhang along to get in touch with you.
26 The other is the newest film "San qiang pai an jing qi" (" a Woman, a Gun And a Noodle Shop "), by Zhang Yimou, whose classic "Red Sorghum" won the first Golden Bear for China in 1988.
27 Zhang might be completely ignorant of the whole donation process that is more than likely being conveniently handled by her agent and assistants.
28 honest, we people of the post 90s tend to be self-centered and hot-tempered because many of us are the spoiled only child in our families, ” said Zhang.
29 Shaolin, the general manager of the Center, is working with Fudan University economics professor Zhang Jun and others on the dramatization.
30 But Mr. Zhang says he now wants to revive a dying art form.