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1 Cool climatic conditions like those typically found in New Zealand generate much higher levels of these chemicals at comparable stages of berry ripening than do warmer climes.
2 Examples of this apparent inconsistency are seen in Iceland, New Zealand, and the Maasai people of Tanzania, Africa.
3 I lived in Auckland, New Zealand, in my own flat with my dog.
4 In New Zealand, an unidentified toxic algae was blamed this week for causing the deaths of two dogs on beaches in Auckland.
5 Three years ago, my family and I were visiting Auckland, New Zealand, when we heard about a pig who lived on a beach.
6 another study in the same issue of the journal, researchers at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, take a different look at medical errors, and focus on the types of errors that patients make.
7 But when New Zealand family doctors asked 421 men and women a couple of questions, they spotted 97 percent of those suffering from depression, say researchers from the University of Auckland.
8 funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand and the University of Auckland School of Medicine Foundation.
9 The horned melon, also known as African cucumber or jelly melon, is an annual vine native to Africa, but can now be found grown in California, Australia, New Zealand and Chile as well.
10 I got tired of the UK, " she said. "I decided to buy a loom, which came in a flatpack from New Zealand, and now I am here again.
11 Few foodstuffs other than those on the space station rack up more miles than a leg of New Zealand lamb on a British dinner table.
12 In the past, every pervert believed thathe was the only one who had an abstruse desire. Today, he can find out on theInternet that there's someone like him in New Zealand or Patagonia.
13 guests from New Zealand, ladies and gentlemen, I feel honored and pleased to be here to preside over this grand welcome ceremony for the honorable New Zealand guests.
14 The highest rates are found mainly in those nations where people are fairest-skinned and where the sun tanning culture is strongest: Australia, New Zealand, north America and northern Europe.
15 CHILEAN officials like to compare their country to Finland and New Zealand, rather than its South American neighbours.
16 We're not actually marrying anyone or bringing women back to New Zealand, " he added.
17 This summer house, on the large Danish island of Zealand, is sandwiched between lake and forest.
18 We're expecting over 40, 000 visitors a day to the New Zealand pavilion, and we're keen to show them the very best of our country.
19 he did not work in the us, but in Australia and New Zealand.
20 Unfortunately, we know that one effect of climate change in New Zealand will be more extreme weather like this.
21 However even in New Zealand the species are threatened and difficult to catch.
22 The next partial eclipse of the sun will occur on Nov. 25, 2011, but it will only be visible from Antarctica, Tasmania, New Zealand and southern south Africa.
23 Teacher: Matthew, what is the climate of New Zealand?
24 It turned out that similar objects have already been found in other areas of the Earth, particularly in Kazakhstan and New Zealand.
25 For now, it's available in the us, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and we hope to bring it to more countries soon.
26 I think they're from Australia or New Zealand.
27 Today over a quarter of the population were born abroad, and most migrants, if they are not from New Zealand or Britain, are from India, China or some other Asian country.
28 Countries such as the us, Canada, European countries, Australia and New Zealand are more concerned with immigration policy and quotas rather than family limitation.
29 And third, Australia and New Zealand, which account for 40% of the world's dairy trade, have scaled back milk production forecasts for 2011 due to adverse weather negatively impacting pastures.
30 I got up and there was thick white smoke everywhere — worse than a fire. I knew straight away that it was carbon monoxide," he told the new Zealand Herald.