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Zapatistas in a sentence

61. Nevertheless, he promised the Zapatistas that once he became president, things would change.

62. In 1920 Zapatistas managed to obtain powerful posts in the government of Morelos after Carranza's fall.

63. Meanwhile, the disintegration of the revolution outside of Morelos put pressure on the Zapatistas.

64. The Zapatistas are composed of five regions, in total having a population of around 300,000 people.

65. Labor had supported the Constitutionalists and Red Battalions had fought against the Zapatistas.

66. The Zapatistas Effect, observed by Cleaver, continues to organize social movements on a global scale.

67. In April 1995, the government and the Zapatistas began secret talks to find an end to the conflict.

68. In February 1996, the San Andrés Accords were signed by the government and the Zapatistas.

69. Eventually, it became clear that the Villistas/Zapatistas had prevailed at the Convention;

70. During the Mexican Revolution, the first Zapatistas came into the borough through Milpa Alta.

71. In 1912, the Liberation Army of the South or Zapatistas took over a number of communities in the state.

72. The colonia Agrícola Militar de José G. Parres was founded by veteran Zapatistas in the 1930s.

73. Salinas appointed Camacho as the negotiator for the government in peace talks with the Zapatistas.

74. The EZLN, commonly known as the Zapatistas, came to the forefront of Chiapas politics in the mid 1990s.

75. In 1994, he supported the Zapatistas's Chiapas revolt on behalf of Mexico's indigenous peoples.

76. Joint name for Villistas and Zapatistas as supporters of the Convention of Aguascalientes;

77. Labor had supported the Constitutionalists and Red Battalions had fought against the Zapatistas.

78. Paramilitary groups have also reappeared, and aggressions against Zapatistas have increased.

79. The Zapatistas' Comandante Esther features on "Resistencia", the first track on LDA v The Lunatics.

80. The Zapatistas not only raised many arguments about the consequences of capitalist globalization;

81. The Zapatistas consider the Mexican government so out of touch with its people it is illegitimate.

82. But the stranglehold on arable land caused most residents here to sympathize with the Zapatistas.

83. The San Andrés Accords provided the Zapatistas a level of autonomy in Chiapas for some time.

84. Many media outlets interpreted the message as Marcos retiring as the Zapatistas' leader and spokesman.

85. Subcomandante Marcos asked Inter to bring the match ball because the Zapatistas' ones were punctured.

86. To get started, the Zapatistas built an "egg carton-lined studio" to transmit their programs.

87. The women are invested in the collective struggle as the Zapatistas, and of women in general.

88. The Zapatistas seized over a million acres from large landowners during their revolution.

89. The Zapatistas maintain a high-quality universal healthcare service which is provided free of charge.

90. The members of the Liberation Army of the South led by Zapata were known as "Zapatistas".