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No. sentence
1 Now Mr Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International, declares that this is the post-American age.
2 Zakaria: I look forward to the chance for this dialogue, and I begin by thanking you for giving us the opportunity and the honor.
3 Zakaria: Let me ask you a final question, your excellency.
4 Pundit Fareed Zakaria was prescient when he wrote that the "rise of the rest" (i.e., non-American powers) would be one of the major features of a "post-American world."
5 Today, India has 18 all-news channels of its own," notes Zakaria.
6 ZAKARIA: What do you think of the financial crisis affecting the United States?
7 ZAKARIA: you speak in your speeches about how China is not yet a strong and creative nation, in terms of its economy.
8 Zakaria: We are now beginning the formal interview, just so everyone realizes.
9 But even Zakaria argued that this trend was essentially beneficial to the United States: "the power shift.".. is good for America, if approached properly.
10 visit might have to wait until a new ambassador is appointed to fill what Fareed Zakaria calls the "toughest and most crucial assignment" in the American foreign service.
11 world when a lot of other countries were not performing," argues Zakaria, but now the best of the rest are running fast, working hard, saving well and thinking long term.
12 But Mr Zakaria could have written a more original book about the power of the people living beyond America's shores if he had sought out and found more sources among them.
13 ZAKARIA: you know the last time we talked, I asked you what books you were reading, and what books you were, you found interesting.
14 Zakaria refers to this as the 'rise of the rest' and notes that this is largely the result of successful U.S. policy.
15 Zakaria explains further how western styles have become the 'standard mode of work dress for men.
16 recently spoke with NEWSWEEK's Fareed Zakaria about energy efficiency and the cars of tomorrow. Excerpts.
17 Schmidt explained why to NEWSWEEK's Fareed Zakaria in an exclusive interview. Excerpts
18 ZAKARIA: I look forward to the chance for this dialogue. And I begin by thanking you for giving us the opportunity and the honor.
19 Zakaria: May I ask you about another set of possible talks?
20 ZAKARIA: the currency issue is a difficult one, the renminbi.
21 ZAKARIA: Since you honored me by asking the question, I will say to you, Premier, that China's efforts in North Korea have been appreciated in the United States and around the world.
22 ZAKARIA: Itwis an honor together with a pledue to the facture. Thank you! Premier.
23 ZAKARIA: Many people see China as a superpower already.
24 ZAKARIA: you have said that you have read the works of Marcus Aurelius 100 times. Marcus Aurelius is a famous Stoic philosopher.
25 The interview was taped September 23, and portions were shown on "Fareed Zakaria GPS" on September 28.
26 Other known writers will contribute to the emergence of Algerian literature whom include Mouloud Feraoun, Malek Bennabi, Malek Haddad, Moufdi Zakaria, Abdelhamid Ben Badis, Mohamed Laïd Al-Khalifa, Mouloud Mammeri, Frantz Fanon, and Assia Djebar.
27 John McCain." Later in a December 12, 2008, CNN interview with Fareed Zakaria, Powell reiterated his belief that during the last few months of the campaign, Palin pushed the Republican party further to the right and had a polarizing impact on it. When asked why he is still a Republican on Meet the Press he said, "I'm still a Republican.
28 In 2015 General Zakaria Chiek Imbrahim was chief d'etat-major general (chief of staff) of the Forces Armees Djiboutiennes.
29 He concludes: “To those who would still insist on American exceptionalism, the historian of empires can only retort: as exceptional as all the other 69 empires.” Fareed Zakaria stressed one element not exceptional for the American Empire—the concept of exceptionalism.
30 Outgoing members included Nabil Shaath, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, Zakaria al-Agha and Tayib Abdul Rahim.