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No. sentence
1 The conventional symbol Z comes from the German word Zahl meaning number, which, before the modern synthesis of ideas from chemistry and physics, merely denoted an element's numerical place in the periodic table, whose order is approximately, but not completely, consistent with the order of the elements by atomic weights.
2 However, prior to 1915, the word Zahl (simply number) was used for an element's assigned number in the periodic table.
3 drittens, sofern es als mathematische Größe, Zahl oder Ordnungstypus vom Denken in abstracto aufgefaßt werden kann.
4 There, under Stumpf's supervision, he wrote Über den Begriff der Zahl (On the Concept of Number) in 1887, which would serve later as the basis for his first important work, Philosophie der Arithmetik (1891).
5 He asked businessman Erasmus Zahl to give him significant monetary support, and Zahl agreed.
6 Hamsun later used Zahl as a model for the character Mack appearing in his novels Pan (1894), Dreamers (1904), Benoni (1908) and Rosa (1908).