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No. sentence
1 there was Zachary Christie last week at a school disciplinary committee hearing with his karate instructor and his mother's fiance by his side to vouch for him.
2 seems unfair, ” Zachary said, pausing as he practiced writing lower-case letters with his mother, who is home-schooling him while the family tries to overturn his punishment.
3 Zachary Sims, the Old Greenwich, Conn., teenager, often stays awake until 2 or 3 in the morning reading articles about technology or politics — his current passions — on up to 100 Web sites.
4 however, will not be the case for 17-year-old Toronto FC rookie Zachary Herold.
5 Zachary Taylor won both the popular and electoral votes. He became the twelfth President of the United States.
6 President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to take an army into the disputed region, and in April 1846, one of Taylor's patrols was attacked by Mexican troops.
7 But, based on the code of conduct for the Christina school District, where Zachary is a first grader, school officials had no choice.
8 The country had a new military hero now. "Old Zach" — General Zachary Taylor.
9 Zachary Garber: Perhaps I should stay here, there are some things, I have to do.
10 Zachary Garber: hey, they is not crazy, there will be a madman to make arrangements for such a comprehensive program to it.
11 performances by Kevin Spacey, Zachary Quinto, Paul Bettany, and even Demi Moore.
12 Zachary urges mentors and mentees to establish ground rules before they begin a relationship.
13 Though he also likes to read books (earlier this year he finished, and loved, “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand), Zachary craves interaction with fellow readers on the Internet.
14 's my son, Zachary, my younger son, dressed up as Spider-Man, but it is Halloween.
15 This is my son, Zachary, when he was younger, not that weird-looking kid next to him.
16 Zachary Lazar’s father died in 1975 of distinctly unnatural causes in a stairwell at a Phoenix parking garage.
17 This is my son, Zachary, pretty young but this is not the youngest record of laughing.
18 Once Mark transported the scouts to a poaching area, he flew away,” Zachary wrote. “What the scouts did on the ground with poachers was simply not Mark's business.
19 He defended the decision, but added that the board might adjust the rules when it comes to younger children like Zachary.
20 Zachary recommends identifying specific goals you want to achieve and establishing criteria to determine the right mentor to help you reach them.
21 Zachary Sharp from the University of New Mexico led the study.
22 As a mentee, it's best to establish a process and always have a mentoring date on the calendar, Zachary advises.
23 School officials concluded that he had violated their zero-tolerance policy on weapons, and Zachary was suspended and now faces 45 days in the district's reform school.
24 We hear in our research and interviews that the mentor gets more out of it than the mentee," Zachary says. Mentoring "gives them perspective."
25 Zachary Taylor was a slave owner.
26 You take your goals in a series of conversations and make them very specific and targeted, " Zachary says.
27 A city of northeast Mexico east of Matamoros. Founded in 1579, the city was captured (September 1846) by Zachary Taylor's forces during the Mexican War. Population, 1,090,099.
28 he vehemently censures Pope Zachary for having helped to depose the last of the Merovingians in favour of Pepin.
29 city of northeast mexico near the mouth of the rio grande opposite brownsville texas. it was captured by zachary taylor's forces in1846during the mexican war. Population 188745.
30 We hear in our research and interviews that the mentor gets more out of it than the mentee," Zachary says.