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Yup'ik in a sentence

61. more than 75% of the Yupik/Yup'ik population are fluent in the language.

62. The Yup'ik Eskimos used this region as a seasonal subsistence site.

63. Inuktitut and the related Central Alaskan Yup'ik language use dual forms;

64. The Hinz script became the standard for writing Yup'ik until about 1970.

65. In Yup'ik language, the word Napaimute translates to "forest people".

66. Like Yup'ik cultures themselves, shamanistic practices reveal diversity.

67. For example, Yupiaq and Yupʼik both contain a geminate p (/pː/).

68. Yup'ik has considerably more freedom of word order than English does.

69. Tegganeq is derived from the Yup'ik word tegge- meaning "to be hard;

70. to be tough". Yup'ik discipline is different from Western discipline.

71. The Yup'ik people considered a kayak the owner's most prized possession.

72. The Yup'ik category of number distinguishes singular, plural, and dual.

73. Other art forms, including Yup'ik clothing, Yup'ik doll are most popular.

74. The Yup'ik region is rich with waterfowl, fish, and sea and land mammals.

75. Suicide and alcohol abuse is very common among rural young Yup'ik men.

76. Beck's father was American, his mother was Norwegian/Yup'ik from Alaska.

77. The Yup'ik language is now generally written in the Latin alphabet.

78. Palin has Yup'ik (from a great-grandmother), Dutch, and English ancestry.

79. Later, the district implemented a curriculum based on the Yup'ik culture.

80. Rita Blumenstein, an Unangax/Athabascan/Yup'ik from Palmer, Alaska;

81. Many programs were produced in both English and Yup'ik languages.

82. The Egegik Yupik is one of the five Central Alaskan Yup'ik dialects.

83. Cugtun is an endonym that may refer to either of two Yup'ik dialects:

84. Yup'ik masks are often compared to the European surrealist tradition.

85. Belt (nungirta ~ nungirun in Yup'ik and Cup'ik, nungirta in Cup'ig).

86. Mitten (aliiman, aliuman, aritvak, kauman in Yup'ik, aritvag in Cup'ig).

87. Yup'ik women roles included child rearing, food preparation and sewing.

88. itegneq (in Yup'ik) measurement from tip of toes to end of heel;

89. it’ganeq (in Yup'ik) measurement from tip of toes to end of heel;

90. Imlaucuaq (in Yup'ik of Nelson Island, Imlaucuar in Nunivak Cup'ig; lit.