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1 Despite calling his organisation a bank, Yunus is not able to accept deposits, relying instead on philanthropists to provide the start-up capital for each new operation.
2 and Mr Yunus are campaigning for the microfinance industry to agree on common standards on disclosing charges to help borrowers.
3 With Grameen now thriving and the Nobel on the shelf, what will Mr Yunus do next?
4 time I return to London, Yunus will have been sacked as MD at Grameen.
5 They often begin by charging higher rates than Mr Yunus considers legitimate, but cut prices when their returns draw competitors-a tough but theoretically more supple model.
6 Yunus launched his own party in 2007, and though he subsequently withdrew from politics, he has been viewed as a threat and potential rival to the establishment.
7 Yunus believed that if given the opportunity, poor borrowers would use the money wisely and would repay loans, even without collateral at risk.
8 This is still very low by most standards and Mr Yunus says that repayment rates at Grameen remain impeccable.
9 But Mr Yunus also smothers the story in molasses, making claims about the originality and profundity of the enterprise that are simply too rich to take.
10 Grameen's website lists 60 awards, 27 honorary degrees, and 15 other "special honours" previously received by Mr Yunus directly, and seven received by Grameen.
11 prime minister has consolidated her power since the return to civilian rule, dealing with Mr Yunus has risen to the top of her to do list.
12 Yunus hopes his new programmes in San Francisco and Glasgow will show similar results and is open to starting up additional branches across Europe and the us.
13 The XoutTB project began in the spring of 2007, with the launch of the Yunus Challenge, a now-annual contest at MIT to promote development in poor countries.
14 Some reckon Sheikh Hasina is miffed that Mr Yunus and Grameen got the Nobel prize.
15 Some in Bangladesh reckon that Sheikh Hasina is miffed that Mr Yunus and Grameen got the Nobel prize.
16 Unemployment in the eastern Glasgow is 7.5 per cent and thousands of families, Yunus says, are in the third generation of unemployment.
17 Institutions continue to emerge and grow, many funded by private capital and seeking a real return, an approach Mr Yunus opposes.
18 Yunus said given the current structural issues in a number of European and other countries, he is convinced that it is even more important that G20 puts a priority on social issues.
19 In his 2008 book, Creating a World Without poverty, Yunus argues that enabling entrepreneurship — particularly social businesses — provides the poor with the means to raise themselves out of poverty.
20 But the release of the documentary led to sharp attacks on Mr Yunus and Grameen in Bangladesh.
21 But Mr Yunus has many supporters, both within Bangladesh and outside it.
22 Yunus urges G20 to take up social agenda.
23 At first I was surprised that Professor Muhammad Yunus, pioneer of microcredit and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, should command such a big police and media presence.
24 There is even talk that Mohammad Yunus, a famed microfinancier, might throw his hat back in the ring, after an aborted attempt to launch a party last year.
25 The idea has existed for several years and Muhammad Yunus, perhaps the world's best known social entrepreneur, has been one of the leading voices calling for its formation.
26 Mr Yunus, a Nobel prize-winner, has strained relations with the Bangladeshi prime minister. See article.
27 reports in the Bangladeshi press, the issue of the government's treatment of Mr Yunus has led America to threaten to suspend all high-level diplomatic contact.
28 The country's central bank wrote to Grameen's board on March 2nd, informing it that Mr Yunus had been "relieved of his responsibilities as managing director of Grameen".
29 Thirteenth-century Turkish Sufi poet Yunus Emre explained this philosophy as "Yaratılanı severiz, Yaratandan ötürü" or "We love the creature, because of The Creator."
30 In 2006, Dr. Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the establishment of Grameen Bank, a community development bank that lends money to poor people, especially women in Bangladesh.