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1 Countless lakes, sloughs, and ponds are scattered throughout this scene of the Yukon Delta. The river's sinuous, branching waterways seem like blood vessels branching out to enclose an organ.
2 The striking image is mirrored on Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory, Canada.
3 Land Cruiser experience allows exploration with a unique scrolling panorama. Expeditions to Australia and the Yukon are presented with video, photography, and music.
4 In the Canadian Yukon, scientists are using genetic techniques to identify caribou and to study ancient caribou that roamed the same ice patches 6,000 years ago.
5 beginning in northern British Columbia and flowing through Yukon in Canada, the Yukon River crosses Alaska before emptying into the Bering Sea.
6 The trail is popular nowadays with hikers, but as we arrived in the Yukon I headed out to it and stepped back in time.
7 on the river in Dawson was a Cornishman, Dorian Amos. Ten years ago, he and his wife, Bridget, a Canadian, chose the Yukon as home.
8 The researchers found that the ancient caribou are related to the herds inhabiting the Yukon today, while their preserved droppings suggest they had a similar diet.
9 Frost-flecked tundra pools dot the landscape of Canada's North Yukon National Park.
10 The Pelly River is a Yukon tributary and site of the territory's first homestead.
11 She didn't even flinch when the farmer remembered how much she liked Yukon Golds.
12 is one of the largest river deltas in the world, and currently protected as part of the Yukon delta National Wildlife Refuge.
13 From there it was almost nine hundred kilometers by boat down the Yukon River to the town of Dawson were gold had been discovered. But there was no boat service.
14 along the Yukon River think they know what is to blame — pollock fishery.
15 Most of the people who wrote the books had no idea at all where the Canadian Yukon territory was. Many did not know anything about the American territory of Alaska.
16 Newspapers printed long stories about the discovery of gold and the rich men who had just returned from the Yukon.
17 Today we tell the second part of our story about the discovery of gold in the area of Canada called the Yukon.
18 Personal interviews with Alaska Natives in the Yukon River Basin provide unique insights on climate change and its impacts, helping develop adaptation strategies for these local communities.
19 books explained sure methods of finding gold. Many of these books told people what they wanted to hear — that finding gold in the Yukon was easy.
20 Growth is not only lower these days, but its "Labour intensity", according to Yukon Huang, head of the World Bank's mission in China, has also slowed.
21 Participants also discussed lower spring snowmelt flows on the Andreafsky and Yukon Rivers, meaning less logs are flowing down the river.
22 in the Yukon River crashed in the late-1990s and are so low this year that commercial fishing has been banned.
23 In an overview chapter at the beginning of the collection, editors Indermit Gill, Yukon Huang and Homi Kharas of the World Bank suggest that four themes permeate the essays.
24 Yukon Huang U.S. News and World Report, October 13, 2011.
25 The next day, the ship Portland landed in Seattle, Washington. It too carried men who had found gold in the Yukon.
26 Enough gold to make a person extremely rich. Our story begins in an area called the Klondike in the Yukon Territory of western Canada.
27 George Carmack and his two Indian friends, Skookum Jim Mason and Dawson Charlie, were working near the edge of a small river in western Canada's Yukon Territory.
28 Only the Yukon has full control of its onshore natural resources, something the other two territories are still negotiating with the federal government.
29 peak in Canada and is located in the Yukon Territory of northwest Canada.
30 Subsidy accounts for 60% of budget revenues in the Yukon and Northwest Territories and more than 80% in Nunavut.