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No. sentence
1 roughly one-third of Montenegrins who mourn the demise of Yugoslavia mainly remember Britain's role in bombing them during the Kosovo war in 1999.
2 And there's no question that there are perils: the overthrow of the shah in Iran, of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, of Tito in Yugoslavia, all led to new oppression and bloodshed.
3 He defected in 1953 from communist Yugoslavia, where he played for the Red Star Belgrade team.
4 end of former Yugoslavia to the other, people are worrying about justice.
5 disagreements about how to handle the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the often recalcitrant stance of Russia.
6 Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, established in 1944 in the People "s Republic of Macedonia within Yugoslavia, is the oldest cultural institution in the field of music."
7 Many governments have helped bring those accused by the tribunals for Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone and Rwanda to book.
8 Neither can suspects be sent to the Hague. The International Criminal Court only deals with a handful of high-level defendants and the tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia are closing their doors.
9 At about this time in what is now Yugoslavia, hardened copper tools were being developed, and the Stone Age came to an end.
10 At nearly the same time Chan was in Yugoslavia, filming a dangerous stunt.
11 Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia are working hard and investing heavily to find new markets beyond the comfort zone of the former Yugoslavia.
12 Only a decade ago Slobodan Milosevic, president first of a disintegrating Yugoslavia and then of a belligerent Serbia (and Montenegro), was still comfortably in power in Belgrade.
13 In Belgrade, the mood is bleak. Serbs have tasted defeat many times over the past twenty years, during the slow and painful dismemberment of Yugoslavia, but few moments will hurt as much as this one.
14 Possibly—some said—he had been unhinged by the American government's stern pursuit of him after the 1992 rematch, which was played illegally in the former Yugoslavia.
15 he was a little boy growing up in Tuzla, an industrial city in the former Yugoslavia (currently in Bosnia Herzegovina), Muhamed me? I? Was fascinated by languages.
16 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was formed in 1918; its name was changed to Yugoslavia in 1929.
17 The disease was first identified in 1967 during simultaneous outbreaks affecting laboratory workers in Marburg and Frankfurt, Germany and in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
18 He enrolled fleetingly in high schools in London and Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, but rarely attended.
19 Like more and more companies of the former Yugoslavia, they treat the region as one.
20 there be a Mladic effect across the “Yugosphere”, as the countries of the former Yugoslavia are sometimes known?
21 The initial outbreaks, in Germany and the former Yugoslavia in 1967, have been linked to laboratory work using African green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) imported from Uganda.
22 She has worked as a clinician with children and adolescents with disabilities, and with NGOs working with refugees in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq.
23 In the Yugoslav days 80% of Macedonia's grapes were exported in bulk and ended up bottled elsewhere in Yugoslavia, or abroad.
24 Yugoslavia, and to some extent the remainder of Eastern Europe, have shown that this is not true, that the spirit of freedom can never be extinguished.
25 Before the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Croatia, after Slovenia, was the most prosperous and industrialized area, with a per capita output perhaps one-third above the Yugoslav average.
26 The presidents of all the states that made up the former Yugoslavia were present for the commemoration, including Serbia's President Boris Tadic.
27 Yugoslavia began collapsing, Mr Gruevski thought of joining his uncle and going to film school there.
28 When Al notified him that a NATO attack on Yugoslavia was imminent, Primakov ordered his plane to turn around and take him back to Moscow.
29 Those arguing for no-fly zones recall northern Iraq, or the former Yugoslavia.
30 Yugoslavia had played a diamond against Italy the previous Saturday, and had succeeded in frustrating them, drawing 1-1.