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1 In June 1864, Lincoln approved the Yosemite Grant enacted by Congress, which provided unprecedented federal protection for the area now known as Yosemite National Park.
2 Carl Boenish was the catalyst behind modern BASE jumping, and in 1978, he filmed the first BASE jumps which were made using ram-air parachutes and the freefall tracking technique (from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park).
3 Yosemite National Park.
4 Mount Lyell, the highest peak in Yosemite National Park, is named after him;
5 Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, is actually a granite arête and is a popular rock climbing destination.
6 In July, the former First Lady, accompanied by her husband, attended the centennial anniversary of Tioga Road In Yosemite National Park in July and appeared in New Orleans in order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
7 President Abraham Lincoln signed an Act of Congress on 1 July 1864, ceding the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias (later becoming Yosemite National Park) to the state of California.
8 in America before beginning work on Sonic Adventure 2. They took inspiration from their location in San Francisco, as well as Yosemite National Park and other areas of the United States.
9 At age 75, she toured Yosemite National Park on the back of a mule.
10 Merced, known as the "Gateway to Yosemite," is less than two hours by automobile from Yosemite National Park to the east and Monterey Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and multiple beaches to the west.
11 The establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, and Yosemite National Park in 1890, led preservationists to argue for similar protections for other areas.
12 He successfully lobbied congress to form Yosemite National Park and went on to set up the Sierra Club in 1892.
13 The debate between conservation and preservation reached its peak in the public debates over the construction of California's Hetch Hetchy dam in Yosemite National Park which supplies the water supply of San Francisco.
14 Yosemite National Park (/joʊˈsɛmɪti/ yoh-SEM-i-tee) is an American national park located in the western Sierra Nevada of Central California, bounded on the southeast by Sierra National Forest and on the northwest by Stanislaus National Forest.
15 Desmond changed its name to the Yosemite National Park Company in December 1917 and was reorganized in 1920.
16 The Curry Company and its rival, the Yosemite National Park Company, were forced to merge in 1925 to form the Yosemite Park &
17 This trip persuaded Roosevelt to return "Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove to federal protection as part of Yosemite National Park".
18 Muir and Johnson lobbied Congress for the Act that created Yosemite National Park on October 1, 1890.
19 Muir and his Sierra Club continued to lobby the government and influential people for the creation of a unified Yosemite National Park.
20 In 1937, conservationist Rosalie Edge, head of the Emergency Conservation Committee (ECC), successfully lobbied Congress to purchase about 8,000 acres of old-growth sugar pines on the perimeter of Yosemite National Park that were to be logged.
21 In 2016, The Trust for Public Land purchased Ackerson Meadow, a 400-acre tract on the western edge of Yosemite National Park, for $2.3 million in order to preserve habitat and protect the area from development.
22 Yosemite National Park is located in the central Sierra Nevada of California.
23 The Lyell Glacier is the largest glacier in Yosemite National Park and is one of the few remaining in the Sierra Nevada today.
24 With its scrubby sun-baked chaparral, stately groves of pine, fir, and sequoia, and expanses of alpine woodlands and meadows, Yosemite National Park preserves a Sierra Nevada landscape as it prevailed before Euro-American settlement.
25 Yosemite National Park has documented more than 130 non-native plant species within park boundaries.
26 see also the highest mountains of Yosemite National Park.
27 Off-trail riding and mountain biking are not permitted in Yosemite National Park.
28 In 2010, Yosemite National Park was honored with its own quarter under the America the Beautiful Quarters program.
29 The opening scenes of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) were filmed in Yosemite National Park.
30 San Francisco was also granted a perpetual leasehold over the Hetch Hetchy Valley and watershed in Yosemite National Park by the Raker Act in 1913.