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No. sentence
1 Yokohama, a Japanese tyremaker, is promoting a tyre made with oil from orange peel, a waste product from the production of orange juice.
2 But the biggest innovations aren't only happening in Detroit and Yokohama.
3 Across from a noodle shop in a Yokohama suburb, Hisayoshi Teramura's inn looks much like any other small lodging that dots the port city.
4 years, 161 years and 114 years since its correspondents first filed reports respectively from Calcutta, Shanghai and Yokohama, The Economist this week launches a column on Asian affairs.
5 YOKOHAMA, JAPAN -- I was shocked to see my father-in-law's body stretched out in a portable bathtub, his bare feet sticking out from under a peachcolored bath towel.
6 Nagoya, Yokohama and Kobe came in third, fourth and fifth, respectively.
7 He fended off the ship’s bully and swam a mile from the Yokohama shore back to his ship while drunk.
8 at the docks of Yokohama, Japan's biggest port and its gateway to the West, hundreds of well-wishers were seeing off the Empress of Australia, a 615-foot luxury steamship bound for Vancouver.
9 real focus of Yokohama Summit was an extension of the hot spots, i.e., currency liquidity and trade balance, on G20 Seoul Summit.
10 decision on whether to halt output in North America hasn't been made yet, Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan's chief operating officer, told reporters today in Yokohama, Japan, where the company is based.
11 Though his offices were in Kobe, Burton often came down to Yokohama.
12 great pleasure to join you in Yokohama for discussions on promoting economic development in the Asia-Pacific region.
13 I am delighted to meet you, friends from the Asia-Pacific business community, in the beautiful port city of Yokohama and exchange views with you on the topic of "Emerging Markets in the Asia Pacific".
14 inform you that our partnership is this day dissolved, and that in future, our firm and our branch in Yokohama, will be used in liquidation only.
15 Journalists at the main press centre in Yokohama have been given the chance to try out the Fevernova from the penalty spot, with the aim of hitting special targets in the goal.
16 all the titles on offer at the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships in Yokohama, Japan.
17 Twenty expatriate regulars at the Yokohama United Club, the city's most popular watering hole, died when the concrete building pancaked.
18 What about driving to Yokohama, he suggests?
19 Eating fugu (e.g., tiger puffer fish) sushi in a fine Yokohama restaurant... golden.
20 scored 56 goals in 91 appearances for Japan, currently plays for Japanese second division club Yokohama FC following a brief spell with Australia's Sydney FC.
21 North American native-English speakers will often substitute other vowels for /a/. For example, the Japanese city of Yokohama might be pronounced ; sayonara (Japanese for 'goodbye') ;and Paris .
22 It's a very tasty fish, but that's not the only reason people choose to go to a fugu restaurant," said Shinichi Ueshima, the chef at the Dote fugu restaurant in Yokohama.
23 annual rabbit fashion show was held Sunday in Yokohama, Japan.
24 Yokohama is aiming its tyres at hybrid cars and efficient city cars like the Mini Cooper.
25 new seaway through an unfrozen Arctic Ocean would cut the journey from Rotterdam to Yokohama via the Suez canal by 4,700 miles, a saving of 42%.
26 A city of south-central Honshu, Japan, southwest of Yokohama. It is a popular resort. Population, 20,484.
27 Following the World Cup triumph at Yokohama, Marco Van Basted wrote to Milan.
28 Japanese foreign minister Seiji Maehara on Wednesday urged trade and foreign ministers gathered in Yokohama to focus on trade liberalization.
29 Dr Aoki has been a research engineer at Technology Center of Taisei Corporation in Yokohama, Japan since 1985 after finishing his ME at Tohoku University.
30 P. M. S. S. Co. steamers, which ply between China and San Francisco, touch at Yokohama.