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1 Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking.
2 That is understandable when drought or deluge can destroy their crop, but it has the effect of reducing yields.
3 These companies have stable earnings, modest valuations and yields that beat anything on offer from the Treasury, considering the ability of dividends to grow with earnings over time.
4 Involving farmer groupings in the management of the new pumping and water control systems means that water gets to the right field at the right time, thus boosting crop yields and farmers' incomes.
5 Yields have since retraced that drop in Britain and bounced higher than before in America. But lots of factors are at play.
6 The organism of a hive yields integration for its community of worker bees, drones, pollen and brood.
7 to 4% Treasury yields, with the risk of losses if interest rates rise, those fees loom large.
8 Then there is a point made by Richard Tol of VU University Amsterdam: farm yields show the worst of the situation.
9 Not only might investors start to chase high yields again, but they might also start to worry about how the bill for all those unorthodox policies is going to be paid.
10 And nowhere were there signs that yields (output per acre) were rising.
11 Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fibers; yields a sweet sap used in wine and trunk pith yields sago.
12 In Pakistan and India, two of the nations that benefited most from the new crop varieties, grain yields more than quadrupled over the period.
13 are the implications of rising bond yields for equity markets?
14 But investors should be wary of assuming the best case and scooping up the bonds of these companies, despite their double-digit yields.
15 This could be holding down the yields of the most liquid markets.
16 Lately, some munis have offered tax-free yields of more than 6%.
17 In the closing months of 2010, we saw yields on municipal bonds rise to their highest levels since early 2009.
18 African farmers are sometimes thought to be somehow responsible for their low yields, but the blame lies with the technology at their disposal.
19 All that hedge funds, and other speculative investors, needed to do was to buy bonds on yields greater than their cost of finance.
20 This year less than 50% of the land is in use and most of the yields are marginal.
21 But with interest rates so low, the yields on those investments have been crushed.
22 Higher bond yields have other consequences that might not be quite so welcome.
23 In theory this trade should not be sustainable in the longer term; the higher yields should merely compensate investors for the default risk.
24 compares well with real yields in Japan, Canada and Britain and it may be attracting capital flows into the dollar.
25 Are you against increased yields for farmers or foods with enhanced nutritional value?
26 If crop yields are to match the rise in population, then some of them will have to go up dramatically.
27 big question is whether they will now stabilise, as Japanese yields did, in the 1-2% range.
28 High-yielding currencies should be compensating investors for the risk of depreciation, and low yields have been a characteristic of strong currencies like the Swiss franc.
29 But another possibility is that the focus has moved away from yields to other factors.
30 So when Italian and Spanish bond yields jumped up again (see chart right) there was only one institution with the capacity to act: the ECB.