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1 however, these efforts have been complicated by the current state of Yemen itself, which faces a multitude of internal problems that are pushing it to the brink of failure.
2 Yemen, these deeply flavorful beans take their name from the ancient Yemeni port city of Mocha, which was a primary point of coffee trade for centuries.
3 Most of them have, so far, suffered far more severe symptoms, from Libya's civil war to the vicious oppression seen in Syria and Yemen, to the acrimonious muddle of Egypt.
4 Transparency International recently ranked Yemen 146 out of 178 countries on their 2010 corruption perception index, ahead of only Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan in the region.
5 All ships heading south after passing through the Suez Canal must ply the waters between Somalia, a failed state, and Yemen, where civil strife has been increasing.
6 It has sewn explosives into its bombers' shoes and underwear, and disguised bombs as printer cartridges. Its arm in Yemen is said to be exploring the use of ricin in new attacks.
7 Attacks by Qaeda militants in Yemen have picked up again, with several deadly assaults on Yemeni army convoys in recent weeks.
8 Many of the casualties in Yemen have been borne by young students.
9 would be difficult for even a half-trained palate to mistake a Kenya for a Sumatra, for example, or a Yemen for a Guatemala.
10 President Saleh, who has ruled Yemen for more than 32 years, is the focus of almost all opposition protests that have built up in the impoverished Arabian Peninsula nation over the past week.
11 Yemen is the Arabian Peninsula's poorest state and more closely resembles many sub-Saharan countries than any of its Gulf neighbors.
12 poorest Arab country and the most populous on the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen suffers ills too chronic to be healed by a change of President or national borders.
13 Several detainees returned to Yemen from Guantanamo Bay are now known to have links to al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which has been linked to the attempted airline attack.
14 Oman runs from the Straits of Hormuz, with a brief pause for a patch of UAE territory, around the corner of the Arabian Sea, and all the way down to the Yemen border.
15 Only little Lebanon, which is still in Syria’s shadow, and turbulent Yemen voted to keep him in.
16 China (chiefly), Iran, North Korea, and Yemen accounted for most of the executions.
17 UN refugee agency spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis says records show that during the same period last year more than 7,000 people had arrived in Yemen and about the same number had perished.
18 UNHCR reports at least 52 Somalis died when the boat smuggling them across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen broke down, leaving them adrift with no food or water for 18 days.
19 all odds, people find it in themselves to rise up, stare down the guns and grasp freedom from their oppressors. It happened in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Yemen.
20 A surge in pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, between Somalia and Yemen, prompted many countries to send naval forces to the area.
21 Today, the nearly bankrupt United States is spending hundreds of billons annually waging small wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and the Sahara.
22 It then spread to Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Yemen.
23 After traveling through the dusty villages and towns of Yemen, they arrived at the port of Aden.
24 al Qaeda and its Allies attempt to establish a foothold - whether in Somalia or Yemen or elsewhere - they must be confronted by growing pressure and strong partnerships.
25 Civil unrest first broke out in Tunisia, from where it spread quickly to Egypt, and then to Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and others.
26 There was no indication of the extent to which the talks covered internal events in the United Arab Emirates or specifics about unrest in nearby countries such as Bahrain and Yemen.
27 Two companies exported their products to Bangladesh, Burundi, Myanmar, Gabon and Yemen.
28 Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Arab world, has reported strong growth since 2000, but its economic fortunes depend mostly on oil.
29 Anwar al-Awlaki was charged this week in Yemen for inciting violence against foreigners.
30 struggle to stay in power, Mr Saleh often argued that AQAP would thrive in a Yemen bereft of his leadership, especially when seeking money and weapons from abroad.